If someone asks me: how are you doing? I will tell him without hesitation: I live a good life!

No love, no missing, no pain, no tears have long been used to it.

A pen cannot flow out happiness, and books cannot flow out of the sea; A piece of paper cannot fill the blank, and the road cannot be finished. Write down a line of happiness with youth, but don’t know where is the beginning and where is the end.

Countless helplessness is countless Huafa, quietly climbing up the top of the head, sparse, rampant and affectionate should laugh at me, early Huafa.

Get used to leaving, so it doesn’t hurt; Get used to missing, so I don’t want to; Get used to loneliness, so I learn to be happy. I am used to living in cities that I am not used to living in the mud children in the mountains.

When I looked up, I found that time could not bring pain or happiness. After walking 360 degrees, I returned to 0 o’clock, and the end point was also the starting point. The second hand started the next minute.

Therefore, there is nothing worth suffering. I live a good life.

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