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Small Valve forging large-diameter Valve casting based on what?

2021-05-18 11:12


 The quality of the products produced by the forging process is absolutely good. The problem is that the cost is too high. Forging is one of the two main parts of forging (forging and stamping) , which uses forging machinery to exert pressure on the metal blank to produce plastic deformation in order to obtain the processing method of forging with certain mechanical properties, certain shape and size. The mechanical properties of the forgings are generally better than those of the castings made of the same materials because the defects such as as as-cast porosity can be eliminated and the microstructure can be optimized. For the important parts with high load and severe working condition, forgings are usually used except the simple shape of rolled plate, profile or welding parts.

Casting is a method of casting liquid metal into a casting cavity which is suitable for the shape of the part, and then it is cooled and solidified to obtain the part or blank. Most of the cast material is solid but heated to liquid metal (E.G. copper, iron, aluminum, tin, lead, etc.) , and the casting mold material can be sand, metal or even ceramics. Since the casting hair germ is basically within the range of machining, except for the Valve Flange, Middle Way and other parts which must be finished, the other parts can be machined free of machining or a small amount of machining, the invention reduces the cost and reduces the production time to a certain extent.

Except ball valves of all sizes can be cast in forged parts, most other valves are gate valve check bodies of DN ≤50 calibres by forging process, and valves of DN > 50 calibres by casting process, because DN ≤50 caliber brake cut-off use forgings, good quality is not very expensive.

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