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Key points of type selection of wear-resistant ball valve

2021-05-18 10:51


Here we say wear-resistant ball valve is evolved from the function of the Cock Valve, its opening and closing piece is the ball core, through its valve stem rotation 90 degrees to realize the valve switch, the wear-resistant ball valve is mainly used to cut off, distribute and change the flow direction of medium in the pipeline.
  The reason why the ball valve is widely used in modern industrial occasions is because of the rapid opening and closing, sealing, simple structure, low flow resistance.
  Ball valve structure classification according to:
  According to the structure, the ball valve can be divided into fixed ball valve, floating ball valve, track ball valve, v-shaped ball valve, eccentric half ball valve, three-way ball valve, four-way ball valve, etc. According to the connection mode can be divided into Flange Ball Valve, clip ball valve, inside thread ball valve, outside thread ball valve, welding ball valve, clamp ball valve (generally is health-grade ball valve) , clip-type ball valve; According to the sealing material can be divided into soft sealing ball valve and metal hard sealing ball valve.

 Soft sealing ball valve is generally applicable to temperature less than 150 degrees of media, more than 150 degrees of media, the choice of PPL seal or hard alloy metal seal.
  Small Diameter Ball Valve, generally with floating ball valve, large diameter ball valve, because the need to open and close the Torque is larger, often choose fixed ball valve, can reduce the torque needed to improve the reliability of work. V-type ball valves and eccentric hemispherical valves can be used to regulate flow, three-way ball valves and four-way ball valves are used to reverse the flow.
   Ball valve commonly used materials are carbon steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, for highly corrosive media, choose the body and ball full polytetrafluoroethylene.
  The driving mode of the ball valve is mainly electric, pneumatic, worm gear drive, relative to the small diameter ball valve, generally open and close with the handle.
  4, Fire Valve in the future three industries widely used
   It is understood that the fire valve industry in 2013 compared to the size of the market last year, a lot of expansion, this is an obvious fact. By 2013, there were more than 700 fire valve manufacturers and traders, and even more than 200 inquiries a day. It is clear that the supply and demand market for fire valves is heating up. A preliminary analysis of first-quarter data shows that the market for Fire Valves was 20 percent higher than last year.
  In the last decade, with the development of China's fire-fighting Valve (valve industry dynamic) industry, the variety and specifications of fire-fighting valves are also increasing, and more and more fire-fighting valves are applied in the industry, such as petrochemical industry, oil refining industry, nuclear power industry, thermal power industry are widely used. The following takes you to understand the fire valve in the following three major industries in the development prospects.
  Petrochemical Industry: The petrochemical industry has always been very competitive, and the requirements for fire-fighting valve equipment are the most stringent. The future fire-fighting valves will cooperate with industrial automation to promote the overall level of fire-fighting valve equipment, development of multi-functional, high efficiency, low consumption of petrochemical fire valve equipment. The annual output value of China's petrochemical enterprises is 100 billion, which shows that China has a large market for fire valves (valves, pumps) , we should consider from the perspective of market changes, to ensure stable development.
  Oil Refining Industry: After 60 years of development, the scale of production has expanded rapidly. Driven by a series of policies and measures, China's oil refining industry in 2010 continued to grow in output value and output, gradually advancing structural adjustment, and continue to maintain a good momentum of development. In 2010, the oil refining industry realized an output value of 2,425.2 billion yuan, an increase of 38 percent year on year. Therefore, we can also see that China's oil refining industry fire valve application market space is huge.
  Nuclear Power Industry: Fire Valves in this industry as the basic equipment of nuclear power equipment, roughly 5-10% of the capacity. China will continue its nuclear power development plan, with 40 gw of installed capacity in 2015 and 75 gw in 2020, and will restart approvals for new nuclear power projects around MID-2012. So in this area to continue to launch new products, new equipment to meet market demand.
  In addition, the construction and boiler industry as well as special industries require the application of fire valves. In particular, the spring-type fire valve is widely used in many enterprises, which fully shows the rapid development of fire valves, good prospects. At the same time, more and more industry applications also have more new requirements for fire valve products, the quality of Fire Valve and technical requirements are also increasingly high.

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