This year’s college entrance examination has come to an end. On the way back to school, I saw the seniors of senior three suddenly felt a little sad. Suddenly there is seed, walking as if it is us. That is a kind of unspeakable sadness. They packed small bags. Some of them were picked up by their parents or none of them. The smiles on their faces could not cover their inner expressions on their faces.

It is a relief to finish the exam.

After the exam, it is also the beginning of parting.

I seemed to see myself a year later, dragging my luggage, and my face couldn’t hide the injury of leaving after the exam. But now it’s them, not me. Their liberation, in return for our struggle, is like this every year, just like the decimal point after 10 divided by 3, which is endless.

Tomorrow, academic level test. Although the teacher explained that the importance of this exam was no less than that of the college entrance examination, I was still in a well-established mood, neither anxious nor despised. This month’s cramming gave me a lot of confidence, as if I saw that confident self again. Although that was already past, there was still a future.

The rest year is to work hard and strive hard. Two years passed before we could recall, let alone only one year? I know my laziness, especially in the past two years, if I can muddle along, I will not write any homework. In hometown dialect, rural people are not worse than this. Will Urban people still be worse? So I was so heartless that I escaped to take late classes, sleep and drag my homework.

But there is not much time left, and a year will not be long. We often complain about the education system of our country. When we open our mouth, we will scold who decides the damn college entrance examination. It is a waste of my youth to Fuck you. We scold the college entrance examination very well, but after scolding, we still need to take the college entrance examination, or the college entrance examination that wastes our youth. The Chinese teacher said it’s good that you come here to get along. It’s useless to complain. If you had money, you would have gone abroad. Would you have to complain about the college entrance examination?

Since we can’t escape, then choose to face and defeat it.

Since you can’t escape, then choose to accept it. Accepting a disgusting thing will not kill people.

In one year, I hope that I, as well as my friends and brothers, can fight with me side by side. Even if you are heartless, you should be thorough, and you should not face the college entrance examination as if you were facing the dead.

Come on! This is for myself.

Come on! This is for brother.

Come on! This is for friends.

Jiu Dao said that the most expensive thing I have ever bought is a dream. I hope I can tell everyone loudly one year later that the most annoying thing I have ever accepted is the college entrance examination!

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