First of all, I have to explain that my next remarks may be relatively deviant or even extreme. In order not to stain your bright eyes and prevent you from getting angry because of my comments, I suggest you stop reading this article.

Here, let me first talk about an example around me. My father, an honest migrant worker, used to be a carpenter, but now he works in a handbag factory in Shenzhen. And I have been working in this handbag factory for ten years. But he is still an ordinary worker. Is it because his educational level is too low? No, his boss or higher position than him. Many of the well-paid people only have primary school education, while my father graduated from junior high school. So what on earth caused him, an old worker with ten years of service, not to be promoted even once? I’ll sell it first.

I have to tell you another thing about my father. When my father was a carpenter, there was an acquaintance or distant relative who asked my father to contract the project. The so-called project was very small, but my father couldn’t pay attention to it. Then he went to ask my grandfather. My grandfather said: Oh, don’t go, if you lose, it will be extremely great. So my father gave up the project. Finally, the project was contracted by Uncle A in the same village. Uncle A made some money from that project and gave him great confidence. Then he contracted the project to do it. Now he is no longer A contractor. He went into business and was well-paid. While my father went to Shenzhen to work after working as a carpenter for a period of time without making much money. One thing is ten years.

Perhaps you have already understood the reason why my father has not been promoted for so many years. Now I want to talk about myself.

In the first two decades, the road I took was similar to my father. In the village, the old man commented on I am good child, not scolding others, being polite, and being admitted to university. When I was in primary school, Grandpa said that the cook was good and the food was good. I decided to be a cook when I grew up. When I was in middle school, the teacher said that college was good, fun, easy to find a job, with high salary. Relatives said that they went to college, recognized a few more words, and sat in the office. No matter what the purpose is, didn’t I take the college entrance examination?

What I want to say now is, why should I listen to them? Not rebellious, or young people? I want to ask these obedient children loudly, children and children, why are you so obedient?

One of my friends B and his girlfriend C are going to introduce my girlfriend to me. Ready, the girl also came, but did not call. So B and C talked a lot with me. C said that these roommates in our dormitory gave her the feeling that they were not responsible enough. For this responsibility, I think of courage, responsibility and opinion.

Does a 20-year-old young man have the courage to take responsibility and shoulder obligations? Do you have your own principles and opinions? If you are a loser, do you dare to think about luxury cars, luxury houses, and words? What will I get? Do you still stick to a corner? Are you still following the path chosen by others for us? Is it just as usual? Is the goal we strive for is to go to college and become a house slave, a car slave, a moonlight clan?

Let’s talk about my junior high school classmate D. When I was in junior high school, D and I almost wore the same pair of trousers and were inseparable. Later, he only went to high school and went out to do sales. Now I am also doing business. If you go out with your friends to spend money casually, it will be enough for a lot of so-called college graduates to earn a month’s salary. As a child from rural areas, why do others earn more than you? When you get a raise, others will earn more than you. It’s worth thinking.

Recently, I have been thinking about what limits the future of young people?

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