Small town my tile house shop (continued 20)

As for this, I am exhausted. But the worrying thing immediately hit my heart again. I thought of my delusion that the small tile house was already dilapidated. If my wild thoughts attracted the undeserved love of some politicians, it would be equal to saying that I would lead Wolves into the house and kill myself.

Now the town was a different ball game. Some people say that if ten years later, the small town will be another small Shanghai. I said, there was no need to wait for the prospect of small Shanghai, because the jobs provided by the small town were already beyond the reach of Shanghainese. However, the high-rise buildings in the town are a little rare at present.

It is said that some time ago, the government staff of the small town wanted to apply for it as a small city. However, it failed because the population of the small town and the taxes paid failed to meet the national standards. Recently, I heard that the area of my factory was going to be demolished, which surprised me very much. Because the huge demolition fee is beyond people’s expectation. However, what I did was to build apartment buildings in the same place. When I think about it, who can afford that house? Absurd! It’s ridiculous!

Sometimes, whenever I think of this, I do such a Arithmetic in my mind: after changing the demolition fee into gold, let me take it to the early times of Ming Dynasty, I think what I got was not Shen Wanshan’s golden small tile house, but another remarkable unique human shop that only belonged to me. But I really have no ability to build a gold shop. Because Bill’s golden hut is stronger than anyone else’s. Therefore, in my opinion, doing business is not good either. Because if you have money, you will work hard, and if you work hard, you will not live long. For some reason, literature can make me relaxed and happy, relaxed and fat. It can be seen that the literary family is really good! Isn’t it good to prolong life?

Nowadays, the small town has gone nowhere. There are also Outlanders apartment buildings near our factory, with swords hitting the Heaven Gate one by one, which are quite neat and magnificent, like small tile houses beside the challenge. Residents in shanty towns also noticed this point. They began to restless. It is not convenient to travel because the tall buildings are far away from risks. Therefore, shanty towns are no longer similar to American slums, but rows of conjoined single-room villas. Really guai zai!

Villa is Villa! That was the ideal residence for fathers as workers. It is estimated to be the residence for our generation in their old age. After all aloof! Old people need warm. I don’t know if there will be such a small tile house in the future?

The poor town passed away, which took away the beautiful memories and immature temperament of my childhood, and also took away some lovely people around me. Of course, it is accompanied by the maturity and self-reliance to make up for the blank space of the soul, and also brings some new successors in the future. Look, how good it is!

I wrote down the paragraph above. I don’t know what kind of emotion and experience you will have. Anyway, I wish you all the best, because the common beauty is the highest common goal for the society to move forward.

But after blessing others, let’s talk about my thoughts.

Sometimes I often think of the old people’s words: small difficulties, old sufferings, only the happiest in the middle twenty or thirty years. That’s true. The entrepreneurial history of fathers seemed to come to an end at the beginning. Decades of time disappeared in a flash. Therefore, my career in the small town must not be wasted. I want to live in a literary family, build a literary family in my heart, and receive every guest with enthusiasm. At the same time, I want to say goodbye to my friends and guests with my true feelings. I will never pretend to improve myself and improve myself, achieve self!

I believe that the economy of the small town will continue to prosper, and my income will also be permanently guaranteed. Then my idea of operating a literary family in a small shop with my heart and striving to build my own small tile house will also achieve my wish under long-term persistence.

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