Small town my tile house shop (continued 19)

I am a very simple person. It is so simple that there is only one empty shell left. However, because of this, my brain can quickly fill things, of course, it is easy to forget the fragmentary details. Therefore, I often remember three and forget four. Therefore, someone once told me that communicating with me was like watching horror movies. At that time, a dark cloud suddenly flew across my heart. Mood is very bad. Then, when I analyzed my situation carefully, the rainy season mood with thunder and electricity began to clear up. This is the consequence of my failure to deal with the basic details of life. I am very anxious, and I also work hard. However, one’s weakness can never become his advantage, otherwise, it is not weakness, but weakness. Therefore, many years have passed, although my ability to deal with details has been significantly improved, it is still very poor compared with some people. No way, really no way! But immediately I found my superiority in writing. From then on, I seized this life-saving straw. In today’s view, facts have proved that my efforts are not in vain, and my walking direction is not wrong at all. It can be seen that the language barrier is not terrible sometimes. What I am afraid of is that I give up lightly.

In view of this, I find there is no obstacle in life. Just like I have been dreaming of opening a small shop. Now, the tile house has a good structure. It’s just that it can’t exist long ago. When I recalled that I could only dream at that time, but I dared not tell others at all. But now I have made good progress, haven’t I? I hope everyone with dreams will not fear the ups and downs ahead and turn their hearts into actions. Only in this way can we return to reality and be a real person who dares to think, dream and show off. After all, failure is not terrible, and the biggest tragedy is not to work hard! You said?

At the beginning, I thought a lot about opening a small shop. I think the process of thinking is very important. I write it below, hoping to help me finish this article successfully.

I hope to open a small shop with Eternal Fragrance. Needless to say, I used my heart room. After this shop opens, I prepare to absorb the good features of people who communicate with me from all aspects and use them for my own use. Compared with that, after a long time, I will use these ideological wealth that are not valued by people to make up my small tile house. This idea very good. However, I am just clumsy. On the contrary, opening a small shop requires the most basic communication skills. Although I can do it, I am sick of the world and customs, so this idea can only be done.

Well, since this road is blocked, I will find another way. That is to say, I will start a new business. So the next idea came one after another. This is the new shop. In fact, the House has not changed, but the nature is changing. Since the fundamental things have changed, I will change the name. My shop is called the literary family. Therefore, I wrote these four words with a pen and pasted them on the signboard of the shop, which naturally replaced the previous Eternal Fragrance. Although the name is very rustic, considering that I will build a solid hut in a hundred years. So I can’t help but feel happy.

Later, I also carefully considered whether it was reasonable to do so. As a result, I found that this shop was very clever.

Throughout the history of China, you can find that in the feudal era, many literary inquisitions were horribly born under the control of politicians. However, today, such a thing is unlikely to happen. I believe that no one can perform the old act of the Cultural Revolution casually. If the people do not agree, the realistic complex society will not allow it either. In this way, it is easy for me to rule out political activities that have evil problems and influence the business of my shop. Although the era we live in is not a big era, since I entered prose online, I have found that many people still care about literature. Therefore, I am sure that my literary family will not be ignored after its opening. That is to say, it is easy to be accepted.

Everything above proves that the era we live in is unfortunate, but at the same time it is also the Hongfu of people in our era. Because I thought of Shang Yang, the master of Shang Junshu, was finally killed by the powerful at that time because of playing politics. At the same time, I thought of Li Si, the owner of the eternal appearance, who was beheaded by Zhao Gao. Thinking of this, I sincerely sigh with emotion: as long as you avoid the sharp edge of politics and write some small articles that you enjoy, you can realize the small ninth in your heart.

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