A new week begins and a new day comes.

Dawn, the first light of dawn. The yard in my house is getting brighter. Sitting in the small yard and reading books in my spare time before going to work in the morning has become my living habit for many years. I read a wide range of books, including agriculture, science and technology, business, life, literature and law, as long as it inspires me, I love it.

At this time, the Red Sun had already crossed the hill beside the village and shone the bright light into the yard. I stood up with a cover, put down the book in my hand and opened the gate of the yard, the Lotus hoe welcomes the arrival of the day.

First, I turned on the mobile phone, because in the information age, the mobile phone cannot be turned off for too long. Losing a message means missing an opportunity. Farmers bring mobile phones, not chatting pictures for fun, but answering the phone, reading information, reading mobile phone newspapers, and learning about international, domestic and local news. Master policies and seize business opportunities. Know more new things. Only in this way can we control the boat of life and continuously inject new vitality. As soon as my mobile phone was turned on, the message rang. Two messages were sent in. Looking at the time, it was sent last night. Because I did a heavy job yesterday, I couldn’t move my legs when I got home. When I saw the bed, I turned off my cell phone, took a bath immediately, and fell asleep soon. I couldn’t read these two messages in time that night.

I couldn’t wait to open the message. First, I read the first one. It was a missed call from ten o’clock in the evening. I think he must have something, otherwise he wouldn’t call me so late. I immediately called according to this number. The phone is over, I apologize to others deeply and say sorry. The other side said, “Don’t be polite. Before 9 o’clock, pick me 20 boxes of Golden dates and 10 boxes of crisp dates and send them to the city. I’m waiting for them! The price is the same as yesterday’s. Time is money. I dare not neglect, let alone read the second message. I immediately invited several neighbors to help me in my jujube field. Golden jujube and jujube crisp King are both new varieties, which I introduced from Xian county, Hebei province in 2008. Golden jujube is slender, crisp and sweet, the market price is 60 yuan per kilogram; Jujube crisp King has a better taste than golden jujube, with a big head and an early maturity. It is generally listed around May Day, and is popular among customers, 100 yuan per kilogram. As long as the goods are good, customers are not too expensive.

In one hour, 30 boxes of 300-Jin dates were finished. I am glad that if I hadn’t turned on the phone early, I would have seen this message in time to call others back. This business has already been ruined. I drove my bumper car and loaded 30 boxes of dates to the city. Soon I drove to the city and sent them to the place designated by the clients. He saw me coming towards him, looking at the time, 15 minutes in advance. The guest happily thumbs up and says to me, OK! Don’t turn off your mobile phone. Turning off your mobile phone is to turn off your business opportunities and your financial resources, haha

Took the money he paid me. Drive the bumper car back home. All the way happily: farmers can not only plant and manage fruit trees, but also learn to operate and learn to survive in the trend of fierce competition. Opportunities wait for no one, business opportunities wait for no one.

When I arrived at home, I hurriedly opened the second message: Comrade Hai Zhou, congratulations! Your book “love the sea boating” was selected into the rural bookstore project in Yunnan province. Yunnan People’s Publishing House decided to reprint your book. For office director Lee Silver and

After reading this message, I was surprised, happy and dancing. I ran into the jujube field to surprise my wife who was picking the dates. Hearing the amazing news, Juan stopped picking the dates immediately, the couple were immersed in happy and passionate happiness at the same time. In order to encourage me, Juan gave me a romantic kiss.

After the celebration, the book returned to the right path. Juan picked the dates, I kept putting the dates into my pockets, and then carried these pockets full of dates to the car along the road. Then I pulled it to my fruit shop. Although the drought happened once in a hundred years this year, the dates still gained something. Although the wallets were not bulging, the farmers’ faces were still smiling.


Every wedding spirit. In the world of farmers, there are many joys and joys. The Sun goes out, the moon comes, the beginning of a day, and the end of a day are all accompanied by feelings. Get up every day, follow the rules, turn on the phone, carry the hoe, tie up the trousers and go to work. Digging the ground, shoveling the grass, pruning the branches, fertilizing and spraying the medicine, doing farm work while thinking about another big thing. Juan and I both have a good wish to be outstanding farmers in the new countryside. In this life, farmers must dare to think and do, and dare to be the first. Set up a factory for deep processing of agricultural products to contribute farmers’ own strength to the construction of new countryside. Do a good thing for the peasant brothers! This ambitious plan has been deeply rooted in farmers’ hearts for many years. Now, we are constantly striving for this grand goal. Pressurizing less stooping. Just waiting for the delivery time. A good farmer is baked by the burning sun in the field, whose work is so tired that he sweats all over his body, and his heart is still constantly depicting colorful pictures of starting a business.

In those days, I worked in the daytime and wrote the feasibility project analysis report at night. Through analysis and demonstration, it is the first time that farmers understand what is a feasibility report. Farmers learned what the project was like from their practice. Farmers not only meet to farm in loess panning field, but also discuss their years of practical experience through their own experience and practice. Farmers are not experts and scoundrels, and farmers are not daydreaming. But farmers are not like what non-farmers imagine: farmers will do farm work and will not think about things. This year, I met an expert when I was studying in Yunnan Rural cadre College. I told the professor about my idea of rural private factory in front of many students. After listening to my report, he and his classmates clapped their hands and praised it. Everyone applauded for it. Everyone says that my ideas are new. The professor asked me to write this idea into a feasibility analysis report as soon as I came back to the countryside and put it into practice. He said that one day when he came to Mengzi, he would personally take care of this matter for me. Therefore, I am very grateful to this professor for his support to a farmer. With his words, I feel that hope is not far away from me.

Mengzi in July, flowers and fruits fragrance. That day I was carrying a pesticide machine in the ground to give the jujube pesticide for the last time. At this moment, the phone suddenly rang. I pressed the answer button. It turned out to be Professor Zheng I knew in Kunming. He had come to Mengzi from Kunming. He came to see how my feasibility report was written. What made me particularly excited was that Professor Zheng didn’t say anything but believe it. He really came to deceive himself. I stopped my work and made an appointment with him to meet him. Then he led him to my shop. As soon as he entered the shop, he was anxious to read the report I wrote. After reading the report I wrote, he fully affirmed that it was really admirable for me, an ordinary farmer, to have this new consciousness, this ability and the courage to dare to be the first. He also gave guidance to the report I wrote and put forward his suggestions and amendments. He said it was not easy for a farmer to write such a feasibility analysis report. And give me guidance on the declared project, help me pull the bridge

On this day, I spent the time of the Sun and the moon in a happy rhythm again, and wrote down a shining page of the peasant’s life.

Wednesday 2010 nian 8 yue 20 ri

Today, as in the past, I sat in my own yard long before wearing the morning sun, holding a book “Ordinary World” written by Lu Yao. After a while, I followed the changes of the plot in the book and entered the role. The mobile phone was also placed on the ground, accompanying me to spend the ordinary world and the golden moment with the deepest and strongest memory in reading.

At this time, the Sun had climbed over the hill in front of the village, and the dawn was shining in the yard. Reading is not an end, but life is a problem. Survival and starting a business are another new upgrade and reprint of a farmer after solving the problem of food and clothing. I stood up with a cover and opened the door at the same time. The first thing I did when I opened the door was that I was going to work in the city today.

Under the new situation, the thoughts of peasants have new shining points: courage should be big, do things without fear, fields should be planted, thoughts should be new, ways should be right, and development should be hard. Farmers are not farmers in the past. If farmers want to set up companies, they must follow the one-stop industrialization path of base + peasant households + enterprises, which can adapt to and keep up with the pace of new rural development. In addition to not delaying the farming of the whole year, farmers also need to drive tens of millions of people to become rich, solve the problem of re-employment of rural farmers, benefit the people and benefit the other party. In the past, the ten villages and eight villages were so poor that the farmers were just like eggplants in the sun, which were poorly colored in the sun. Pumpkin, potato and bitter mustard can’t be dug in the ground all day long facing the loess back to the sky; Rice, rice and potato can’t be planted, so we can’t only live our daily life. Where does the daily necessities come from? The children and grandchildren of farmers can only go out to work to find a way out. When they arrived at the place where they worked, they were living under others’ roof, watching others’ faces and listening to others’ changes. The peasant children who were free at home couldn’t stand the imprisonment of life all of a sudden, I couldn’t stand that kind of anger, but I still had to go back to the yellow land which was born in Sri Lanka. The current policy was as good as the rainy spring. The gust of spring breeze warmed the hearts of millions of farmers. Farmers have been thinking in their hearts: others can run factories, why can’t farmers run factories? The intelligence of farmers is worse than others? Or? Farmers should set up a farmer-style production and processing plant based on their own abilities, and use the agricultural products planted by farmers to produce things that urban people like to eat and cook. Using the local rural labor resources, farmers can enter the factory at their doorstep, go to the class of system, and go home after work in three steps and two steps. How convenient it is! Just like doing farm work in the field and returning home, I will no longer suffer from the torture of missing relatives and the feeling of loneliness. Therefore, my assumptions, plans and goals are also welcomed by migrant workers who return to their hometowns and approved by them. Rural private factories are imperative.

I rode a bicycle and set out for the city. Along the way, the mood is like the Tao, the emotion is like the water, and the confidence is like a mountain. A few romantic figures, but also see the hot trend of contemporary farmers. If you want to do it, do it when you should!

Now farmers have set up their own farmers’ professional cooperatives, which is a new product under the new situation of new rural farmers. 90 front of farmers rely on alone singles dry, now can not meet the contemporary rural development needs. Now we must organize unified planting, production, processing and sales. To run a factory and an enterprise, the formalities should be complete, and farmers should also have the concept of legal system. It is not allowed to do farm work and dig the land in the east and west without restriction. This is Regulations. Farmers should follow rules when doing things, and farmers should follow rules when doing things. Farmers should establish a beautiful glorious image for farmers.

Rural private factories are actually processing agricultural products planted by farmers themselves, such as pomegranate, loquat, red dates, vegetables and other agricultural products. Processing these agricultural products requires relevant certificates before they can be put into production. On that day, I went to the administrative department for industry and commerce. The staff said that I had to go to the quality and technical department to handle the quality and safety license before I could handle the business license of legal person. Under his guidance, he ran from this street to that street and finally found the quality, technology and safety supervision bureau. A pretty girl was chatting online and saw me walking into her office, she reflected her redundant eyes from the internet. After listening to my bitter narration, she said that she did not belong to their jurisdiction and pushed me to the agriculture bureau, the Agriculture Bureau pointed me to the health bureau again. From East Street to West Street, from West Street to East Street, I almost ran through the whole town, in the end, there was no result. I couldn’t cry or laugh. The time of this day was wasted in running the certificate.

Near dusk, the sun is going to set. The traffic and stream of people after work are rising and falling on the street. I was pushing a bicycle on the busy street, and my thoughts went through the experience of this day from time to time: it turned out that farmers were still so small in the eyes of urban people that they turned a blind eye to the small ones. It is still so difficult for farmers to handle affairs.

However, it is not easy to do anything. Farmers are not out of their minds. The more bumpy the place is, the more they have to travel; The more difficult the threshold is, the more they have to try every means to cross more times. There is no threshold that cannot be crossed and nothing that cannot be done. Doing things can hone people’s will, and starting a business reflects the ability of farmers. Confidence is the driving force to pass through the city. Being strong Will Be Invincible, cowardly and accomplish nothing!

I believe in myself that there is no unbreakable city in the world; I encourage myself that breaking through the ups and downs is The Golden Road.

Thursday 2010 nian 8 yue 21 ri

Today’s daytime weather is particularly hot, there is no wind at all. Will under heavy rain? I in thought. It has been a year since Yunnan encountered the worst drought in a hundred years. It should have rained a long time ago. Otherwise, how can we farmers live. Many people say they can’t get down unless they carry water to the sky. It doesn’t rain on the sky but not on people, and it doesn’t work for us ordinary people to do urgent work. Therefore, I don’t think so.

At night, the sky is clear. The stars were shining all over the sky, and the evening breeze blew in. The cool summer night made people relaxed and happy. Farmers sat in their own yard and watched the CCTV news. How can it rain in this weather? Like the past, I sat in front of the computer and pressed the mouse of my mind, tapping the keyboard of inspiration. Start to construct the wonderful life of farmers. Just as my inspiration reached its climax like the spring water sprays outward, big drops of raindrops fell on my face, on the computer screen and desktop, and the raindrops were getting bigger and bigger. It rained in the house. It was already a little late at night. I didn’t know that God really fell behind. It is not a light rain, but a downpour. But the small room I lived in began to rain like outside. It is the day of the year, the day, the light is windy, but it does not rain. The house I lived in was built with small tiles. I had to repair it on the roof every half year, remove the broken tiles and replace them with good ones. Then arrange the tiles on the whole house. After a long time, there are many tile dislocations. There is no connection between the tile mouth and the tile mouth, and gaps appear. When it rains, rainwater will leak into the house along the gap of the tile mouth. The bigger the rain, the bigger the leak in the house; The smaller the rain, the smaller the leak in the house. It didn’t rain this year, so I didn’t go up to the roof to repair and replace the broken tiles. As a result, the house was not repaired until today. It was unexpected that such a big trouble occurred once.

The rain is getting heavier and heavier. There was rain everywhere in the room, and even I couldn’t sleep peacefully. At this time, the whole family got up. I found a straw hat and carried the ladder against the wall. My wife helped me with the escalator while holding an umbrella and let me go to the room. She handed the tiles to her son, my son stood on the ladder in water coat, took tiles from his mother’s hand and handed them to the house one by one. I took tiles from my son to the roof one by one.

I have lived for so many years and never climbed high. I had phobia when I was young. In the past, the house leaked, and people were invited to help us change tiles. It’s late at night and heavy rain again. Where can I ask someone for help? It is better to invite others than yourself. No matter how difficult the road is, it depends on your own feet, and no matter how difficult it is, it depends on your own hands. I still dared to get into the house.

The one who climbed to the roof should walk thousands of miles, one step is harder than one step. It rained in the sky, and the tiles slipped on the feet. Hold the flashlight with your right hand tightly, press the tile with your left hand, move up step by step, move step by step. Press the flashlight on the tile with the left hand, move the tile piece by piece with the right hand, and then move the foot up one step. In this way, more than twenty small tiles were taken to the back of the House crane again and again. During this period, every time I moved upward, my whole body trembled for several times, cold sweat flowed out, and my heart was full of energy. My Shank was playing Gong ceaselessly. Just as I was approaching the roof, I suddenly turned over from the head of the house in a flash. As time went by, my son stood on the ladder with his hands blocking me, so I didn’t fall to the ground. I was so scared that I got up from the room carefully. I sat on the tile panting and took a rest. However, the flashlight fell to the ground, my son took the flashlight from his mother’s hand and handed it to me. I went to the roof again. This time, I was more cautious than that time just now, afraid of falling down again. I used a flashlight and began to change tiles. The light in the room was bright, and the light in the room could be seen in the broken place. I took off the broken tiles and replaced them with new ones, Just look at them one by one, and change them one by one. There are indeed more than 20 leaks in the two houses. After an hour and a half searching on the house, I finally changed it.

Juan held the wooden ladder, and I got off the house. My son said there would be no rain in the house. Look at the time, it is already two and a half hours in the morning. After half a day of torture, our family felt very tired.

In the middle of the night, our family can finally sleep peacefully.

Friday 2010 nian 8 yue 23 ri

Rain is very important to our farmers who farm. Farmers depend on the weather to eat and cannot live without rain. If it doesn’t rain, the life of farmers will begin to wither like flowers. Without rain for a year, the lives of farmers will almost be swallowed up by drought.

If you want to plant the field, you can’t plant it. The dry land is like fried noodles. The wind blows and the dust is flying. It is a problem for people to store drinking water. How can there be extra water to irrigate the land and grow vegetables? Our farmers pray to God all the time, longing for the rain to come soon. This Friday, Mr. Tian Yu couldn’t bear it, which brought a shower of life to the common people. It helps old farmers solve big problems. It is really rainy and popular. Good things don’t come often.

My hundred mu Mountain has been suffering from drought. There is a bare red soil slope. Without water, nothing can fall down. Everything is ready, just waiting for the rain. However, by this Friday, God did not live up to the prayers of the common people, and it rained heavily. Rainwater flows everywhere, and farmers still worry about it. Like all farmers, I am full of infinite gratitude for the arrival of this timely rain. Heavy rain saved crops and farmers’ lives! Everything grows by the sun, and everything grows without rain.

This morning, I got up. It rained endlessly outside. It rained really well! It’s really a good time to download! Today, I’m going to plant pomegranate seedlings in the field. The opportunity can’t be lost. The rain is no longer coming. I went to the village and invited a new Tianli cart. I asked my son to go with me to the house where the sapling was cultivated, and loaded the sapling into the car. After moving these hundreds of trees and seedlings, I was already exhausted to breath. My son was more tired than me, and there was rain on his head and body. Sweat flows down, and the rain drains. It feels like swimming in the South Lake of the Spring River.

At this time, the rain is getting heavier and heavier. Xin Tianli cart pulled the sapling, my son and me, shuttling back and forth in the heavy rain of Tao Tao, heading for my remote red soil slope. When arriving at the barren slope of red soil, the car stopped at the bottom of the slope because of heavy rain, steep slope and slippery road. Get a truck of saplings off the truck, and move the pomegranate seedlings into the ground one by one. It is a kilometer’s journey from the bottom of the slope to the slope.

I simply made two cloth pockets with two pockets and began to carry pomegranate seedlings manually. My son and I also conducted a division of labor to clarify the tasks and responsibilities. Considering that his son was still young, he couldn’t make great efforts or pick, so he was asked to hit the pit. After all, I have been through the battlefield for a long time than my son, and my strength is stronger. Naturally, I will do the task of transportation.

My son is 17 years old this year, and his bones are still tender. I can’t bear to let him do adult work like me and act as a labor force. But the son of a farmer cannot be as delicate as the children in the city. He just had summer vacation, so he let me catch the fields to do farm work. Plant pomegranate seedlings in the ground together. In fact, my son was so big that he hadn’t done farm work seriously in the field. He usually did some relaxing work at home without any effort. At this time, my son had already started to work with a hoe, and soon the tree pits were dug out one by one. Seeing his son working so hard, he had already taken off his clothes and even the shoes on his feet, bare feet and bare back. He kept swinging hoes in his hands in the rain to hit the tree pit. The rain poured his son into the water, and his whole body was bright. The Raindrops rolled down from his tender skin like pearls one by one. Seeing my son’s enthusiasm, I couldn’t help recalling my childhood. That year, I was as old as my son. I just came home from school that day. My father asked me to play a big poplar tree on the dam with him. It was snowing for a day that day. It was very cold and windy. My father and I played a poplar tree with the thickness of a basin. The drama came and went with two hands. My father pulled it hard, and I pushed it hard. Just like this, a big poplar tree was collapsed soon.

I was afraid that my son would get sick from the rain, so I asked him to put on his water coat and hide in the house for a while until the rain was small. My son disapprovingly said: Dad, don’t be afraid. This rain is nothing. I am not the flowers and plants in the greenhouse, and I am not so delicate. After listening to my son’s words, I was very happy that he really grew up.

I am the same as my son. My son is beating a tree pond. I am picking seedlings. Pick pomegranate seedlings one by one from the bottom of the slope to the slope, then put them into the tree pits laid by my son, and then plant them one by one. These pomegranate seedlings are all bred with nutrition bags, each of which is about one kilogram. On the first trip, I picked 40 trees, which weighed 80 JIN. When I just picked them up, I didn’t feel tired. It was not the same thing. However, when I reached the mountainside, I couldn’t do it any more. One step was harder than another, and my shoulder was heavier and heavier, just like the top of the mountain. The slope is getting steeper and steeper; The road is getting smoother and smoother; The rain is getting bigger and bigger. When the pomegranate seedlings were picked up to the ground, they could not move their legs as if they were filled with lead. It took an hour to go back and forth. The work of dry weight should be vigorous. No matter how tired you are, you should insist on picking up the seedlings and planting them before rest. This is the nature that farmers can endure hardship most.

When the rain falls, people are dry; When the rain rains, people sweat. The planted pomegranate seedlings soon came alive. Each tree raised its waist and raised its head. It does not hurt the vitality at all. Looking at these pomegranate seedlings, the tree was alive, and I was very happy. As long as you pay off, there will be a return. When you are happy, you will not feel tired.

At this time, I said to my son who was digging a tree pit: Come on, son! 150 seedlings have been planted, and there are still 100. It will be done after a hard time, you can go home! In fact, I know my son is already very tired. I was too tired to get rid of it. But I still held my body hard. It was as light as the rain, picking and planting saplings.

I told my son that it was really not easy for farmers to grow fields. You planted pomegranate trees with your father today, should you feel something? Farmers are really not good at it. It has been more than a year since it rained heavily. Our pomegranate saplings should have been planted around the beginning of spring. However, it was dry and dry until today until the rainy day. What if we don’t plant the saplings in rainy weather? When planting seedlings in sunny days, where can I pick water to irrigate them? The season waits for no one, but the crops cannot be planted well for one season. If it can’t be planted any more, it will be deserted for another year.

I said to my son, today is a hard time, and tomorrow I will enjoy a lifetime of happiness. Under my instigation, my son and father worked together to share weal and woe in the rain that never stopped for a day.

At dusk, more than two hundred pomegranate saplings were planted in the ground. However, the rain is still going underground, and the rain is getting bigger and bigger. Both our father and son felt very tired, standing on the ground with a pair of fallen chickens. The funny thing is that our heads, faces, bodies, feet and hands are all covered with red mud, like red mud people. The rain drenched my son and me, and the red mud soup dropped by drop flowed down the body.

When I got home, I felt tired, but my heart felt relaxed. Pomegranate seedlings were planted in time, and the rainy days became very happy. It will blossom and bear fruit next year. When I think of the beautiful scene of flowers and fruits in the garden in the next year, my mood is as bright as the sun after rain. At that time, my son and I carried the heavy pomegranate down the mountain, loaded the car and pulled it to the pomegranate market for sale. What flowed out was sweat, and what was exchanged was harvest. The life of farmers began to flourish, and the life of farmers was vigorous.

Saturday 2010 nian 8 yue 24 ri

Today is Saturday.

I got up in the morning and opened the door. It was raining all over the sky.

Enter the rainy season, no matter day or night. In the daytime, you can’t see the sun in front of the village, and at night, you can’t see the moon behind the village. I stood at the door of my house, looking at the boundless heavy rain, feeling uncomfortable at all. In the past, I got up and was reading a book in the morning light. Then, the sun came out of the mountain, put down the book, carried the hoe and worked on the ground. Neither reading books by mistake, nor working in the field by mistake. Killed two birds with one stone. It is raining so heavily today that I can’t do farm work in the fields. I have more time to read, study and write at home. However, at this moment, it was raining continuously, and I always felt uneasy in my heart. No matter how beautiful the book was, I couldn’t read it. Standing in front of the door with heavy concerns, I always want to walk inside the ground. Let’s see if my pomegranate field is flooded, and whether there is water in my valley.

Alas, the lives of farmers are so thin that they can’t stand the attack and beating of drought and flood. Can’t do it, can’t drown! Due to drought, there is no food or fruit in the field, and farmers will starve; In case of flood, corn, rice and fruit trees are soaked in water, which cannot be retreated tightly and the particles are not harvested, if the fruit cannot be sold for money, the farmers still have to starve. In the days of heavy rain, can farmers not be in a hurry?

Holding an umbrella and carrying a hoe, I rushed from home to the rain and walked towards Sandaogou. There is an acre of pomegranate and an acre of corn planted by me. Income depends on pomegranate; Life depends on grain corn. The land is just at the foot of the mountain, very hollow, as long as it rains, it means accumulated water. Pomegranate and corn will suffer. My year’s hope is always in vain at this time. Three years of pomegranate trees have been fruitful this year, with farmers’ smiles hanging on the branches. If it is really flooded, everything will become a dream. The more I thought about it, the more I walked, the faster I walked. I almost trotted along the way. Because the road was too slippery, my waist flashed several times. For several times, I fell down on the rainy country road, falling down and climbing up; Climbing up and falling down, with thunder and mud soup all over my body.

I quickly went to the pomegranate shed on the pomegranate field of everyone Yang. I heard someone’s voice in the shed. Yang’s pomegranate shed was built only last year. Yang Da went to Kunming to do business these days, but he hasn’t come home yet. No one in this family will come to guard pomegranate. Today is so early, who is in his shed? Is it Yang Da’s mother-in-law guarding pomegranate in the shed? I think this is impossible. God, it is raining so heavily, who is in the shed? Out of curiosity, I stood not far from the shed and listened carefully. It turned out to be a man’s voice. The Hum made people feel very sad. Is go in and see, or walking away? I hesitated for a while, but still walked into the shed. I want to see the truth.

Shed no door. When Yang Da built the shed, he didn’t install the door. He said that he wouldn’t put anything in it and let the villagers come to the ground to work. They could all go to the shed to have a rest, hide from the rain and make it convenient for others, only by yourself can you get convenience. There is only a wooden bed in the shed. I stood at the threshold and looked inside. There was a man sleeping on the shabby bed of Yang Da and moaning from time to time. I looked carefully before approaching and listened to his voice. I felt very surprised. Isn’t this Mr. Qian in the village? How can I suffer here if I have a comfortable family? Let mosquitoes bites? This is neither the pomegranate land nor the pomegranate shed of his family. Is it because Yang Da invited him to help his family defend the pomegranate? At this time, Mr. Qian didn’t have any clothes on his body. He only wore a thin clothes and lay on the wooden bed with his cold body trembling. He lay there with his eyes closed slightly, making uncomfortable sounds from time to time. Face covered with tears. I thought in my heart, he must have something hard to say, otherwise, how could he come here? I guess in my heart.

Mr. Qian is the only retired veteran cadre with salary in the village. When he was on the throne, he was booming and vigorous, and Zhang Yang also stayed for a while. A few days ago, I also saw him singing and dancing with the old people in the city in Nanhu Leisure Square, playing smartly. Why did it fall to such a situation after several days of absence? Incredible.

Mr. Qian, I called him as I took off my coat and covered it on him. Why are you in Yang Da’s shed?

I was driven out by my son! Uncle Qian opened his eyes and saw it was me. Tears fell down rustling down. I did evil!

Really? I helped Mr. Qian sit up from the bed. Looking at Qian BA as a person, wouldn’t he do such a disloyal and unfilial thing?

You don’t know, he is even inferior to a dog, I feed him in vain! When Mr. Qian said something sad, he burst into tears.

Mr. Qian, don’t be sad. I wiped the tears on his face.

Mr. Qian is a fellow villager. I have worked in rural areas for decades. At the age of 60, he retired at home and got a salary of more than 2,000 yuan per month. His wife passed away several years ago, and now he has been living with his son Qian Ba. Every time he received his salary, he handed over half of it to his son. He left half of it himself, but didn’t give it all to his son. It was said that there were several times when he paid too little to spend, and there were several times between father and son. Later, after mediation by relevant departments, the storm was calmed down. The father and son spoke for less than a year. Suddenly, Last Night, Qian Ba, the son of Lord Qian, seemed to have taken the wrong medicine. He was furious at his father, hurt his father, and scolded him that his father was an old dog, a white-eyed wolf. He asked his father to hand over the salary card. Qian BA said that now everything is rising. His father’s life of paying 1,000 yuan a month is not enough for him to eat alone. If you don’t pay the money or pay the card, you have to sweep the third master Qian out. Hearing this, Mr. Qian was furious. He scolded his son and wife severely. Unexpectedly, Qian Ba didn’t buy his father’s account. When he walked to Qian San’s front, he slapped loudly. After all, Mr. Qian is old, how can he stand the heavy slap of his son? Mr. Qian was beaten to faint. Qian Ba scolded, the older the old guy was, the more cheap Qian Sanye woke up and thought that he must go to the town to sue his son until dawn. He said that he could not cure him, let the law punish this unfilial dog! Who knows, before dawn or to report his son, he was driven out of the house by his son.

Uncle Qian held my hand, tears streaming down his face, excited. Mr. Qian never offended me, and I didn’t often associate with him. A few years ago, he became an official. I knew that Mr. Qian was snobbish, and I was not in his position at all. After he retired back to the village, he often went to his boss and went to the West. Chat with neighbors, confess the sins of those years, and ask the villagers to forgive him

In fact, I am also very busy. I go out early and return late every day. It is hard to see Mr. Qian. Today, it is not raining to come to the ground, and people who can’t meet him at all. No matter whether he used to be good or bad, right or wrong, we should understand him. Now he was driven out of the house by his son. An old man in his seventies was in such a disaster. Seeing this situation, my heart was very painful! We can’t ignore it. I lifted him up, held an umbrella with him, brought the old man back to the village and sent him back to his home,

At this time, Uncle Qian and I just came to the village. People in the village all bought rice noodles on the village street, and his son Qian Ba was also in the crowd. Qian Ba is the head son of Lord Qian. Mr. Qian was an old eccentric man. Although he was an official of a village, he was superstitious in thought. When he broke the old four and established the new four, he failed to eradicate the root of his superstition. He gave birth to eight yuan. I named my son eight, which means his name is eight, his family is well-developed, and his descendants are glorious. Therefore, the name of Qian Ba came like this. Once in the year when Lord Qian’s official Fortune was prosperous, he didn’t recognize his six relatives. People in the village interceded with him, but he ignored the supreme reason. In front of him, the villagers pointed at his nose and scolded him: at that time, civet cats were like tigers, and Phoenix was not as good as chickens. At that time, Mr. Qian was hated by others. At present, when the villagers saw that he was old, they would continue to investigate and respect him very much.

At this time, Qian Ba saw me leading his father to him. Without saying anything, he scolded me for meddling in my own business and said in front of everyone that Mr. Qian was not his father, he has no such father! Whoever likes it will take him home. He doesn’t know the shame of abusing the old as if he was giving a speech. His words aroused public indignation among the villagers. You pointed at his nose with your fingers every word. Are you human? He is not your father. I ask you, who did you do it? The village leader came over and said nothing. In front of the third master Qian, he slapped Qian eight or two severely and asked Qian Ba to take his father home immediately to show filial piety to the old man, if you hear that you drive the old man out of the House or abuse the old man again, send him to the police station immediately and let you live a few days in prison!

The villagers stood in the heavy rain, watching Qian Ba bring his father Qian San home. Then people went back one by one. I still went to the field to see if the mu of pomegranate and the mu of corn were flooded. As I was walking, I thought in my heart, would Mr. Qian live a better life in the future? Will Qian Ba torture him harder?

Everyone should be old. I want to persuade Qian Ba tonight. Whether he welcomed or not, I would go. It was awkward in my heart if I didn’t say it out.

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