There was a small test in the afternoon. I used to drag it to noon, but suddenly I thought a lot. Do I still need to drag it again? When you are free? I kept saying that I would wait until the future, the future and when I was free. However, if I couldn’t even satisfy this little impulse, it would still be the future.

When Heraclitus said: one cannot step into the same river twice. I am worried that even if it is time, will my mood and thoughts wait for me?

This is the last oral class. Since the first quarter, I have been fond of Ed’s class.

Today is the last lesson. He talked a lot about his life, his study, his dream, his pursuit and his love.

He asked: Youguys,doyouhaveanydreams? ordoyoujustliveinothers dreams?

I was shocked and wanted to cry. Why not?

He said: Scoresarejustthenumbers. Studiesarestudies, scoresarecores.

This is a dream-seeking teacher, looking for his own dreams and footprints.

However, Ed really touched me. Not because of the past, the present, or the future, no one has told me or will say something similar to me, but because he used his life for more than 20 years, it uses the sincerity and sincerity in the words. What about others? Who is not good?

In this world, no matter in his country Philippines or in the society we are familiar with, the standard of mainstream value is the same. The standard of judging success and the standard of evaluating excellence. We have been working hard and learning for it until we forget whether it is what we really want, until we always think it is our dream.

When you spend the same time just attending double-degree courses, when you quit the student institution that you loved and paid a lot, when you don’t want to use the excuse of exercising your ability, but actually you just want to show off the vanity of the public and devote yourself to the double degree certificate in activities you don’t like, the bonus points in comprehensive tests, the extension of contacts people begin to guess, begin to doubt your background, your family, your ability, and want to find out the unknown reason behind the so-called secret. In fact, the reason is very simple. Maybe, there is no reason.

Scholars in ancient times are themselves, while scholars nowadays are people. Students compete to perform in front of teachers and seniors whose positions are higher than yours; Teachers, evaluate your abilities based on your grades and comprehensive evaluations. Therefore, we are all trapped. When we admire a person’s excellence, we always say, wow! How is his score, how much is his comprehensive test, what did he participate in and what did we get together, we often ask: How much is your level 4, how about level 6

Wehavejustonelife. Ed said so.

I also remembered the previous taekwondo class. I didn’t know his last name, but only knew that he was just a substitute teacher. He is very strict, but he still likes him very much.

You may not have the foundation of taekwondo, you may not perform well this time, but you have worked hard, you have paid, but you still have no progress, but he can let you take the exam again, as long as you are willing to try in front of everyone, as long as you are not afraid of people’s questioning eyes, as long as you are brave and confident enough, he can give extra points.

He said: I can give you extra points for your seriousness and efforts.

But if you want to speculate on the score, you just want to try again, then, sorry, do you feel embarrassed to say that you have practiced?

These are just the lessons that we usually use to adjust. These people are also inconspicuous in life. After going through this station, they and they will basically retire as memories forever.

However, how much do we really absorb in those majors that we spend time trying hard to study and those masters we admire? When we close the pages, how much remains in your memory after a year and a half?

What they tell us is not specific useful knowledge, but what they convey can tell you how to learn and how to live.

I think, if, a year ago, I successfully embarked on the golden stone road paved for myself, if, a year ago, I escaped to somewhere far away in anger, then I may be lucky to meet them now? Can I still be lucky to run into others like them elsewhere or somewhere else in the world?

It sreallyhardtosay.

Life cannot be assumed, and life cannot be rehearsed. Wehavejustonelife.

AndIalsowanttoaskmyself, Doyoujustliveinothers dreams?

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