The simple and honest smile hung on the farmer’s face, facing piles of harvested rice, a kind of unspeakable satisfaction; Jubilant, legs jumped up, it was the moment to get the university notice, A kind of unspeakable joy; A long breath and excited face, that is the moment of success, a kind of recognition of hard work; A shake of sweat, revealing handsome cheeks, it was the scene of returning from the playground, a refreshing mood!

Refreshing, the satisfaction of freedom, the recognition of giving, the report of responsibility generating value, when it comes, you will be the happiest person in the world, my achievements are recorded in the history of life at this moment. This kind of feeling always comes from a kind of hard work, hard work and effort, and then you realize that the smell is a kind of encouragement, an end to the past, it is also a kind of longing for the future. The Journey of Hope will be stronger. There is a floating white cloud in the blue sky, which is the crystallization of your hard work, however, I am continuing to compile more beautiful dreams, which are Golden to the edge of white clouds. People looking up at the sky can see you working hard at any time, working silently, waiting quietly, waiting for the next achievement, waiting for the arrival of the next refreshing mood.

Fresh mood, hard-won, retreat and think about its source, all go through a long period of work, the solid Bird’s Nest is completely the Swallow’s parents took a mouthful of mud from distant places, accumulating bit by bit, they don’t have dexterous hands and can’t finish this project quickly. They can only squeeze them one by one with their long mouths, which may be easy for human beings and can be easily solved without any effort, but for these lovely elves, it will take a lot of time, maybe it will take ten days and a half months, because this is their home, and they will reproduce here, they pay more seriously and dare not slack off at all. This is just like our parents who work hard for their children, only in return for their children getting married and building a beautiful house for their children. These are for families that are not rich, I really need to spend my whole life energy.

Refreshing comes from giving and sweat. It is really a beautiful moment, which really makes people proud. And this can only be a starting point. On a strong road, we must continue to move forward with the crystallization of sweat, and we must not let down every drop of sweat, we should not let down the sweat of all people who have expectations for ourselves. Stepping on the footprints of success, step by step, walking on a road that continues to shed sweat, there are flowers and applause, encouragement and strength, spray on the shoulder, there are high winds passing by our ears, snowflakes flying in pieces, spring, summer, autumn and winter, going round and round. As always, we are on a solid road. Looking back, it is the beauty of hard work without leaving any regrets; Looking forward, it is a lot of beauty, and many gifts shine in the flowers; Meditation, the happiness that penetrates into the bottom of my heart is created in my own hands.

There is a long way to go. I will search up and down, step on a hard-working Road, step on my own sweat, shake off my wet hair, hold my head high and stride forward, let’s make achievements one after another, let’s continue to write glory, and sing all the way on our life.

Refreshing, always bloom after the sweat is thrown; Bloom, let the sweat be thrown for the next refreshing.

Dripping fun life journey, floral Shino, joy, liulv Mountain Green, Lake eyeful.

With sweat as company, fresh and fresh, without any regret, let’s go to tomorrow together!

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