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Fire control valve internal leakage happened. What should I do

2021-06-21 11:05

Fire control valve is one of the important industrial, construction control on the pipeline accessories, products are mainly high control precision, especially in a valve on the flow of control. Currently widely used in industrial control system, in use process we to have a variety of problems that commonly appear in, today small make up mainly talk about the cause of the fire valve leakage and the processing method.

1, from problems due to the analysis on the causes and solutions, d/repair personnel at the time of processing or assembling due to the process, the influence of the internal leakage is likely to cause electric regulator appeared, at this time is mainly due to the relatively fixed limit switch action, in the control medium of regulator of scour at run time and pattern, will cause the valve doesn't close on the cause of leakage phenomenon. We should adjust the position of the limit switch, can solve the phenomenon occurred.

2, fire control valve in the debug undeserved caused the leak. Due to the electric control valve in the control part failure and make the limit switch of the valve, such as the cause of torque switch sealing surface wear or corrosion, etc., this will cause leakage. We should adjust up and down limit switch in kung fu.

3, due to the electric actuator zero setting is not accurate, this is the internal leakage cause valve can not close. Manually close the valve on the main adjustment method, or close the valve by hand such as twist fixed, half a circle back again after the to adjust the spacing adjustment.

4, the closing of the valves are pushed down type, if the actuator of the thrust is not big enough, can also lead to valve can not close completely and internal leakage occurred. The main solution is to replace the big thrust actuator to solve.

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