The situation that night was like this

That was when we went back home from the city. We rode on our own and chose a road that we usually didn’t walk. We wanted to see the bridge that was being rebuilt that we hadn’t seen for a long time. I am very curious about what the communist bridge has been built now, but it is indeed inappropriate to visit it late at night. Besides, we all drank some wine.

The Dark Road can only grope forward vaguely along the light and dark ups and downs along the roadside. Before thinking about whether to go the wrong way, vehicles and lights appeared ahead. It turned out that there were still people working on the construction site in this night. The dim figure floated and the hazy light flowed, which did not arouse the excitement in my heart, but made me more nervous. That light and shadow did not comfort people, but created a bit strange atmosphere. Getting closer and closer to others, as if only a few meters away, I stared at the front, with my heart stiffened and my legs slammed, with a posture as if there were no women around. But the emptiness in the bottom of my heart has already recalled all kinds of horror stories I heard in my childhood, and even associated those people may be the embodiment of ghosts. I am such a timid person. This timidity had already been revealed from my eyes. My eyes did not dare to drift, as if they would be sucked away by some mysterious force as soon as they moved, so I stared at the front without blinking.

Finally, I passed through the crowd and headed for a smooth road. But we got lost. The fork in the road ahead was the way home. After making sure that the left side is spacious, I decided to turn left. Anyway, I don’t worry about it, just follow it aimlessly.

You drunk. He said to me fiercely. I no. Although I didn’t know what the state of drinking too much was, I still denied it decisively. Heart also irritated. Why do people who drink too much think that they drink too much? Let alone my consciousness is so clear, why don’t you say that you have drunk too much.

On the left side of the road, there was a big step which was about ten feet high. I thought I could get down to the main road on the left when I carried the car over. He asked if I needed help, and I thought I could do it myself, it’s just so high. But he also came to help me. I moved the front, he moved the back, and soon the bike and I both went up that big step, when I lift my legs, I will move my bike to the other side and jump down with it. At this time, I took a look at the opposite side of the road by accident. No, my heart was tight. The ambiguous wine suddenly woke up a lot. At the junction of light and shade on the opposite side, how could the slightly bright side be so high, is there such a big gap under my feet? This is very serious, and it is not a little ambiguous. I hurried back and the car followed me.

Really. When I withdrew and rubbed my eyes to observe the terrain again, I found that a huge downhill had already been opened up in the middle of the originally smooth road, which was the passageway below the overpass. In the middle of the turning circuit, along the downhill, I vaguely found the position where I was about to jump, which was higher than the second floor, without any protective measures.

Oh my God, it’s hard to describe how I felt at that time. My heart was trembling, and I felt that my life was on the line just now. Just a little bit worse, if I was more decisive, I would jump down and die. Who knows. Alas, it seems that indecisive action is also good, isn’t it?

But I don’t have the pleasure of picking up a life at all. What I have is just fear. This kind of nervous mood made me talk about why I had to go this way. In the dark and midnight, did you want to murder me? Just now you did it on purpose, why didn’t you push down.

This method of delusion transferring dowry has not been successful. I still upset. What emerged in my mind were some extremely frustrated images. Then in this confusion, I came to two conclusions, one of which was related to wine, and the other was the classic careful sailing of a ship for thousands of years. At such a night, I should be careful.

One day I sat in the car and tried hard to write down the thrilling story that night with my mobile phone. I was in a good mood and felt very devoted. I went back to that night selflessly, excited and nervous, very detailed description. Until I was dazzled by my mobile phone. I stop.

Forget to save. It is so annoying. I forgot that I didn’t remember my words until I turned on and off at night. I tried to search the memory and find it back, but it was not the desired smell. Feeling, sometimes it is as unpredictable as inspiration, and will suddenly pass away. Why are you so careless? Depressed, I remembered that sentence again. Be careful to drive a ship forever.

I will really use my walking time to think about something. As for what it is, I don’t know later. Anyway, it may be like thinking about things. Therefore, I was always mixed with protruding stones, uneven roads and stairs when I climbed the stairs. I reacted in a timely manner without falling down. But when I was shocked, my head suddenly tightened, to burst like.

I was very afraid of losing my wallet. I couldn’t bear that kind of loss, but I always forgot to pull the zipper of the bag when I was walking on the road. I always found that the bag was wide open and the wallet was still there after spitting out my heart.

I always do this, always carelessly. Accidentally, I couldn’t find the key; Accidentally, I copied the wrong text; Accidentally, I offended my husband and the leader; Accidentally, I got angry. So if you want to play the role of a good wife kindly and become a beautiful and gentle female teacher image, you will be angry when you are not careful. If you are not careful, you will perform a big drama of the roar of the Lion in Hedong.

A little discouraged. Always making mistakes. It seems that I can’t grasp the course of life by accident.

It’s good to be careful. Well, I understand. But, to be honest, if it weren’t for life, I would not like to be so rough.

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