The sunshine was so beautiful that day that it was really hard to express my mood with the word “bright.

It was also driven by fate. I didn’t want to pick up the warmth discarded by needles, but deliberately sought the natural gentleness in the shelter of the leaf curtain. In the leisurely stroll, a falling thing touched my hair nerve, I have never entered my memory by stretching out my hand and holding it in my hand to distinguish, which is like a non-woody piece of sauce and purple. But one thing I am sure is that it is the product of photosynthesis. I thought that if it was sent to the authority for identification, such a kind of green organic matter should be made of a variety of things that we thought could cause pollution, such as carbon, such as a variety of metals, such as the main components of water and haze. Now this physical and chemical character is absolutely harmless to our physiology.

I didn’t go to the mountain recently. I met a really good weather, and my mood was comparable to that of the Spring Festival in my childhood. I am definitely not making a mountain out of a molehill, but a true expression of my mind. There are indeed many refreshing days in life, but I always feel that one day is like three autumns, so there is a yearning for festivals when the standards are low. Nowadays, many people don’t know what the real meaning of the low standard I said is, which is the synonym of China’s special era. It means that the social economy is underdeveloped and the living materials are not abundant. Almost all people, no matter whether their social status is Yangchun snow or xialiba, want to have a full meal in their dreams. But the festival can be extravagant once, even at noon. As for the fashion environment which is popular now, it was impossible to hit it in those days. On drinking water, say inexhaustible. At that time, capitalist roaders dared to say that the problem of water use would make the communist journey go through a gray haze. The Red Guards would surely think that it was a complete reactionary propaganda and would pick up the train that did not dare to collect tickets to petition in Beijing.

In those days, trees were planted every year, and at least every brigade (village) had a forestry team with seedlings. Spring came and was assigned to the production team (team) plant it on the four sides of their respective jurisdiction or the land that cannot be cultivated. At that time, it was very likely that this kind of activity was called greening the country. I remembered that there were many trees outside the gates of their own houses along the roadside. When snow was swept in winter, the snow is always piled on the root of the tree, with the tree pole as the center to form a graveyard. The purpose is to irrigate trees when the snow melts. Now I think that method is really good, and keeping warm does not waste water.

It seems that there are many persimmon trees on the edge of the land, the cliffs on the loess hilly land are high and steep, persimmon trees are drought-resistant and wind-resistant, and the extensive management and stable output are very suitable to grow there. And we can see from books that jujube and Persimmon are iron crops, so we understand that planting persimmon on the ground should be an expedient policy for people to deal with natural disasters.

There are mainly locust trees and acacia trees in front of the door, and Locust trees are locust trees. What I feel most is that its crown is big and shady. Especially in hot days, I once envied the people sitting under the tree and shaking the banana fan to live like, adults don’t have a single training. As long as you study hard, you will get ahead one day. This kind of life will exist. Besides having the same large crown as locust tree to keep cool, another important function is the decontamination effect of locust tree. A tree can pick up many locust trees every year, and the tender and old ones have strong decontamination effect, at that time, there were few kinds of detergent, and it seemed that there were only soaps and alkaline flour, so they had to go to the cooperative to buy them with money. Most people used soap to remove the dirt, and even used soap to wash their hair. Only need to smash the soap when removing the dirt. Later, it was known that the glue in the seed was the superior edible glue.

The trees planted on the roadside were mainly Tung trees and poplar trees. At that time, our village lived in kilns built on the cliff beside the ditch. Some of them had only one floor of kilns, while some of them had kilns, which were warm in winter and cool in summer, as long as you have strength and time, there will be no shortage of housing. There are nearly two thousand people in the whole village. Walking along the irregular ditch, there is a little more than two kilometers from the beginning to the end. There is a ditch on one side of the street, and the depth of the ditch varies from three to five meters to ten meters, one side is the door of each family, the width varies, the narrow part is about 5 meters, and the width is up to more than 10 meters. All trees are privately managed and used. The tree in front of the door is the street tree, which is planted in front of your own door and used by your own family.

Most of the yards at home are jujube trees, apricot trees, peaches and pears. I remember there is only one palm tree and wild cypress trees on the wild hillside evergreen in the village of hundreds of households.

Nowadays, the society is really developed, and the evergreen trees can also be seen casually in the countryside, with all kinds of colors, smells and tastes. You are like Magnolia grandiflorum and osmanthus trees, which are not strange at all, while you are like Cedar, Dragon and Cypress. It was just that there were few trees that were common in the past. It was a pity that people from hometown talked about the few cypress trees in school. I also remember very clearly that it was in front of the Office of the principal and the director. There were four bars and three or four thick bars. The most peculiar thing was its leaves, which were like cypress leaves and had particularity, rope-like, the thickness is almost the same as that of the little wives who wear soles, so everyone calls the tree cypresses. Everyone didn’t know how the tree came from and who planted it. The place was called Huilin temple before it became a school. They didn’t pay attention to it at that time, and the teachers didn’t have the responsibility to study the history, besides, at that time, they were just a few trees. They grew so slowly that everyone needed money. They grew faster, so they could buy money earlier. Whoever believes that they can also flaunt one of the places of interest, which can be used as resources to make people appreciate and achieve the purpose of development. People really didn’t have long eyes. Later, because they wanted to do good things for their children and grandchildren, the school moved to the village to let the children do less to study, Because it was more than one mile away from the nearest place in the village, it was removed and moved to the village. Therefore, the ruins of Huilin Temple were razed to the ground.

In fact, what we have lost is not only those trees that are impossible, but also many things that we cannot know and understand till now.

It turned out that the trees in our hometown were all native. Even if the pomegranate was brought from the western regions, it was assimilated, so they could give birth, whether sexual or assexual. In recent years, some trees attracted by force-free can give birth, while others are just acting, most of which are empty-hearted, and some even do not look like it. Japanese larch and Chinese pine performed better, while Magnolia, osmanthus and Cedar performed worse. Every year they made the appearance of giving birth, and the ovary was empty when they looked closely. The pieces falling on my head were fragments of Cedar ovary.

However, I still like them very much. If every city can produce thousands of tons of such things every year, I believe that people’s living environment will be more civilized. Nowadays, people face the haze directly, as if they have realized the needs of life. GDP is no longer the only pursuit of dreams, and they question the inherent life format of the upper class, and propose to do a good job in top-level design, this should be the omen of realizing a good dream. People with different understandings are making unremitting efforts for the right to survive, for material, spirit, health, for themselves, for others, for the nation, for the country, there are people who find a unique path and learn from others. As long as we fully understand and respect the law of natural ecological cycle, we believe that everyone will be worthy of Emperor Zhizong, himself and his descendants.

It is really comfortable to think of the scene of helping friends in the mountains some time ago. The world was like returning to the rural hometown before the Cultural Revolution.

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