I am happy, you are happy, he is happy, everyone is happy, is the real happiness.

Time, Space and three-dimensional thinking are the thinking of the universe. Only by starting the thinking of the universe can we make a difference.

Every life is a single universe, and expansion is the essence of all life, so it is also the essence of the universe. However, if it is a benign expansion, it has to be maintained, and the vicious one has to be stopped. However, the expansion of the universe now is between the two, and if you don’t pay attention to it, it will turn into a vicious circle, this issue should attract everyone’s close attention. At the same time, it is also our obligatory responsibility and obligation.

The minimum meaning of life is to let go of one’s own love and truly love once.

The purity of soul is the true purity and nobility.

The history of five thousand years has proved that the unlimited expansion of force is wrong.

Development is the absolute principle, but scientific and sustainable development is the more absolute principle.

Surrealism thinking is harmful to the survival and development of human beings without any benefit, because Surrealism does not recognize ancestors, does not know ancestors, has milk is mother, its harm is far-reaching and long-lasting, we must resolutely oppose it.

No matter poverty or wealth, human beings can not ignore the education of communism. They should stick to the education task in this direction, which is the primary direction and task of human future education.

The historical experience of five thousand years tells us that the purpose of the war should be to fight for freedom, equality, peace and unity, and to fight for people all over the world to live a happy life. It is because we have this kind of beautiful ideal and desire that we gradually promote and form the Chinese traditional culture of benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom and faith, moderation and harmony, and promote the progress of human civilization. However, the so-called Great Japanese Empire did not have the foundation of this kind of culture at all, but still blindly despised others and attempted to continue the set of militarism invasion and expansion, trying to overturn the order and conscience of human beings, and thinking that he is the greatest? If such feudal and backward Japanese culture is not improved, what is left to the world finally is the ugly handle that continues to be laughed.

Japanese militarism may revive and bring disaster to the world again. If so, it can only show that Japan is still such an evil country. I am afraid that even the God will not forgive him.

Only material interests can attract some people in modern society. Moreover, it seems that there are more and more people like this, and there is a tendency to increase. This shows that justice and conscience have been missing for too long, and we still need to call for its return together.

Our economy is becoming more and more developed, while the simplicity of human nature is becoming more and more reversed, even gradually disappearing. Simplicity is getting further and further away from us. Whose fault is it?

Now the common people just start to live a good life, and some people start to toss about (or want to start toss about).

No one asked about the poor in the downtown. Rich had distant relatives in the remote mountains. Don’t such ugly humanity need to be changed?

Life is a one-time creation. Whether good or bad depends on one’s own control. As a modern person, he must understand life, science and art.

Art is a kind of self and scientific training. For example, scientific training of self-psychology, mentality, emotion, emotion, rhythm, thought and spirit, etc.

Cattle? They are all serving the people. Who is better than who? This question is given to those who think they are better than others.

All mankind is the same body of Destiny, common ideal (communist ideal), common Road (Common Prosperity Road), common dream (common happiness dream), and all of these, it is the destination of our common ideal, road and Destiny, which requires our common and long-term efforts.

For human society and the whole universe, only those people with lofty communist ideology, quality, sentiment and spiritual realm can truly be regarded as successful and most valuable people.

According to my conjecture, white holes account for the majority and black holes account for the minority in the universe. Both of them are also the Golden Law of sanqi. Moreover, in the universe, people of good quality and all other lives will concentrate in the white holes of the universe in the future to form positive matter, otherwise, they will concentrate in the black holes of the universe to form antimatter. But their arrangement rules are also sorted according to their status, which is exactly the same as that in the world.

How could it be possible that Japanese rightists would not worship ghosts? These right-wingers themselves are the incarnation of ghosts, which themselves are transformed from a group of demons that kill countless lives.

On January 5th, 2014, in Lugou Bridge, Fengtai, Beijing.

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