The Internet is a place to contribute to the country and the people, to convey warmth and promote justice, to create a happy life, to bring happiness to others, and to build a harmonious society, it is not a place for individuals to vent their personal anger and show off.

The world will be like what we do. If everyone spits everywhere, our world is the world of viruses and bacteria; If everyone throws garbage casually, our world is the world of garbage; If everyone is indifferent, our world is an indifferent world; If everyone smiles like Yang, our world is a warm and sunny world; If everyone does not spit and throw rubbish casually, our world is a healthy and clean world; If everyone does not protect the environment, our world is a polluted world; If everyone protects the environment, our world is a beautiful world; if everyone carries forward positive energy, our world is a harmonious world; If everyone is full of love and tries his best to make others happy, our world is a world of love and happiness for everyone……..

Quality is born. Most people with good quality are good people, either they can become good people, or they will become good people sooner or later. Most people with bad quality are bad people, or they will become bad sooner or later, or they may become bad sooner or later. Although the quality is good, the surrounding environment is not good, people who lack education and education and seriously lack morality may also become bad, and many of them become bad people. We can’t forgive those mistakes that are too far away from humanity and morality, and we must be sentenced to death. For example, Zhou Xijun’s car theft and infant killing case happened in Changchun city, the case of Han Lei falling to death of a baby happened in Daxing district, Beijing was very bad in nature and must be sentenced to death.

The more money is created, but the system is not advanced enough, the more waste and consumption of resources will be generated, the greater pollution will be caused to the environment, and the faster the expansion speed of the universe will naturally be. And this expansion of the universe is a vicious expansion. For example, malignant gases such as smog and carbon dioxide generated by pollution float in the atmosphere and eventually drift into the antimatter camp of the universe, form antimatter particles and some elements, and finally form antimatter.

Development is the absolute principle, but scientific and sustainable development is even harder.

The historical experience of five thousand years tells us that the purpose of war should be to fight for freedom, equality, peace and unity, it should be to fight for a happy and happy life for all people in the world. It is because we have this kind of beautiful ideal and wish that we gradually promote and form a harmonious Chinese harmonious culture of doctrine of righteousness, courtesy, wisdom and faith. However, the so-called Big Japan has no such cultural foundation at all, but it is still blindly despising others and trying to continue the invasion and expansion of militarism and the most backward set in the feudal period, and I think I am the greatest now? If it goes on like this, what Japan has left is only the ugly evidence for the world to continue to laugh at them.

Our souls are always on the edge of good and bad, pure and dirty. If we can’t grasp the direction of progress, or if we are not determined, we will easily make mistakes because of losing our direction. You should know that even a short-term and minor mistake is also a mistake.

If it is true love, it must burst out. Otherwise, it is like overstocking evil.

Life is both art and science. Life is not a drama at all, but some people just regard it as a drama. As a result, their heads are broken. They don’t know that even if life is really a game, they should respect the rules of the game and take every scene seriously.

To build a harmonious society, we must resolutely put an end to and refuse false feelings. We would rather look at the sun, moon and stars in the space than spend time looking at more false feelings.

All the ideological trends looking at money in the past and the disadvantages of pursuing economic benefits unilaterally now are prone to produce Surrealism ideological trends, which are very dangerous (thoughts and trends), we must pay high attention to it. For example, in the past, we only paid attention to economic benefits instead of environmental protection; We only paid attention to science instead of liberal arts; We only knew money but didn’t pay attention to human feelings, etc, all of them are the manifestation of surrealism thoughts. If we continue this way, we will inevitably lose our excellent traditional culture, at least affect the inheritance of cultural quality, and ultimately endanger the long-term stability of the country and the nation, we must resolutely oppose it. Excellent traditional culture must be inherited, let alone lost, and we can’t look at everything from money. The so-called development is the absolute principle. It is not only to develop economy, but also to inherit good traditional culture and develop new culture, both of them should not be biased. Those who understand that they only develop economy but do not pay attention to cultural views are wrong and also wrong.

How to promote the progress and development of society is a problem that each of us must think about.

People live for the meaning of life or make life more meaningful. Therefore, it is worthwhile to go through all kinds of hardships, because only in this way can we live a meaningful and wonderful life. China’s highly sound socialist system and America’s high social democracy are the only way to enter the glorious road of communism. Only countries with social system and culture like Japan now, it is the most backward country and society, although they have a few money.

Nature is relatively easy to lose balance, just as a person is easy to lose balance in thoughts, spirits, emotions and other aspects, and the loss of balance of nature is caused by the loss of balance of human beings first. The loss of balance of one person or a few people has little influence, but if most people lose balance, the problem will be bigger and nature will start to revenge on human beings.

The bluest place in the sky is also the place where the purest souls gather together.

All mankind is a common destiny, a common ideal (communist ideal), a common road (a common way to get rich), a common dream (a common dream of happiness), it is the destination of our common ideal, road and Destiny, which requires our common and long-term efforts.

Communists should not be equal to the enjoyment of pursuing material.

My soul is crying, calling, shouting conscience and justice, but when he comes …… to be continued; When he arrives at the scene of the incident …… to be continued; when he came to someone, those things had already happened …… to be continued;

On December 18th, 2013, in Lugou Bridge, Fengtai, Beijing.

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