Ladies and Gentlemen

Since I entered prose online, I have been rejected twice. The previous time was when my “snow” was posted on the media for many months and then posted on the Internet, it was rejected. I but sad. But was normal. Because according to the people in the competition, this article is very controversial. However, I didn’t survive until I wrote a few serious articles later. The second time was the reason for my spoofing, which was unexpectedly hit back. Hi! It is really a sin that I am dazzled and need to rewrite! For literati, there is nothing more sad than rejection. Sin! When rewriting my article, I will first burn a column of high incense to celebrate my casual improvisation for so many days, which is almost an article to pass. Really Xingshen Ah!

In fact, I have seen it. I joined the writers association without any salary and had to pay it out of my own pocket as a supplement to the membership fee. It is really not worth it! Just like I have to pay 100 yuan for modern foreign exchange in two years after joining the Chinese Writers Exchange Association, I really regret it! But it doesn’t matter. If it is not the inspiration of the competition, how can I know that I have such great writing power?

Since the Canadian Writers Association is meaningless, then I will dance my inspiring words on the website! In terms of my personal creation process and dream-chasing experience, I deeply know the difficulty of chasing dreams and the joy of successful creation.

When I was young, I knew the importance of learning pinyin for understanding Chinese characters. Later, I found that learning pinyin also plays a leading role in learning English. Because lowercase English letters are almost the same as pinyin, but the pronunciation is different.

I found that during my childhood, I hardly knew what English was. The only time was found in the TV series of prime minister Liu laoguo. At that time, the plot developed. When Liu Yong met the British diplomatic corps, the British said, “my dear! Therefore, Liu Yong underestimated himself. He said that the extensive and profound Chinese has extended to the West. Wheat. Ah! Good! You see, my first English sentence is wheat field. I didn’t know exactly what it meant at that time.

Later, I entered the senior grade and knew a lot about English. I am thinking, are I am worshiping foreign things and flattering foreign countries? Later I figured out that learning English is to have a wider understanding of various situations outside the world. Because building a car behind closed doors was the whimsy of the emperors in the feudal era.

Nowadays, Japanese worship ghosts frequently, which is wrong. And Chinese people are also anti-Japanese films that instill national humiliation into Chinese people all the time. When the signboard of the sick man of East Asia fell on the shoulders of the Chinese for no reason, I thought it was a shame for the Chinese! In fact, no matter how bad China is, it can be seen that no one is willing to be scolded. Therefore, Bruce Lee, the kung fu master who created kungfu, once kicked many such inelegant signboards one after another. For this, I clap my hands and applaud!

kungfu is the transliteration of kung fu, and Typhoon also has transliteration. It can be seen that foreigners do not completely deny everything in China. Otherwise, the ancient cultural relics of Dunhuang would not be stolen by foreign devils.

Sometimes I wonder whether there are Chinese pinyin or Western English letters first? As a result, I found nothing because of laziness.

Now let’s talk about my initiative. ladies, in fact, its transliteration is to fertilize plants. The transliteration of Gentlemen is that fertile plants produce good and rich fruits. In my opinion, the determination of the order of Western calls is caused by the influence of Chinese culture. In fact, it is meaningless for me to say that it is pure shrimp bullshit.

However, it is very interesting for me to write it like this.

According to the description of the old master, people at home and abroad all agree that Chinese culture is the unity of man and nature. I think it seems like this. In fact, I am don’t understand anything. But I know there is a saying in China that it is obedient to nature. While in the West, human beings are fixed. But now Chinese are scared of being beaten. So, don’t you think the Chinese lost in Western skills? But people who engage in science are like this, but people who engage in literature insist on their own opinions. I don’t know whether it is for carrying forward the past or promoting the national culture? In short, love is what it is! After all, existence is reasonable. Unreasonable changes will follow The Times.

Mao Zedong did not study abroad in the last century, nor did he have a high education background. But with his existing knowledge, he observed life and nature, started from reality, analyzed the present and looked forward to the future, and compared the foreign devils. What do this show? Wisdom comes from life. Knowledge solidification wisdom. Therefore, I firmly believe that the accumulated fertilizer can still grow good plants and then produce rich fruits.

Don’t believe it, do you think I don’t pay attention to anything? Hey! I live a very comfortable life. Because I know the advantages of taking advantage of circumstances and teaching students according to their aptitude.

Comrades! The revolution has not yet succeeded, and our generation still needs to work hard! After all, the cultivation of science and technology is not fresh, and the talents cultivated by local methods are valuable!

I am not good at building, but I am an expert in farming. Believe me, you will be happy if you accumulate fertilizer and plant trees to form a shadow!

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