2010 nian 5 yue 19 ri Wednesday rain

I am very concerned about the weather these days, because I am going home these days. If the weather is fine, I will ask for leave. I looked at the weather forecast in the morning and found there was a shower. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. But I obviously feel that the rainfall is much smaller, so I have a bottom in my heart. I don’t know where to go because of the shower! So early in the morning, I was ready to ask for leave.

At 2:00 p.m., I finally got on the bus leading to the forest farm on the mountain every day. On the way, we can often see puddles appearing one by one on the grass in the forest, which is rare every year. The low bush leaves have turned green, showing the vitality of life to the fullest. On the branches of tall trees, we can see that the full buds are brewing hard, as if they are going to break the buds and spread the leaves soon. Due to the expansion of the road, the telegraph poles in many places were inclined to fall down, while some windfall wood pressed on the wires unceremoniously, so that the telephone lines in some places were almost close to the ground. Since the soil is not frozen to a certain depth, the maintenance may not be carried out, so we have to deal with it in this way.

5 yue 20 ri Thursday rain

On Thursday, the second day after arriving home, the god had no mercy on me, a man who hadn’t been home for a long time. The rain was just like a burst, and it went down until the evening. Even so, I kept busy for a whole day: I steamed a pot of steamed buns first, then removed and washed bedding, cleaned kitchen utensils, sifted bean seeds, cut potato stems, and worked until 8:00 multi-clock. According to the neighbors, the first continuous rainfall melted the snow water instantly. The ditch on the mountain was full of ditches, and the water of the river had overflowed the dam. Low-lying families had water in their pits for storing potatoes, many families had to salvage the potatoes in the cellar. No wonder no home of it when: Mountain start flood control the, I wonder: Flood control every year 7, 8 yue fen only carry on Ah this year why so early? I thought it was to prepare in advance!

5 yue 21 ri Friday sunny

God finally restrained his power and smiled. We seized the rare sunny day, ate early and drove to our own field with lunch. First plant potatoes, and then use pesticides for Pingbei. One day passed quickly after such a tiring day. When I went home to wash my face at night, I felt a layer of small pimples on my face and did not feel itchy. I know that every time I come back to the ground, I have this kind of symptom. I don’t know whether it is caused by wind or allergic to something.

5 yue 22 ri Saturday fine

The temperature suddenly rose to 28 degrees, and we were busy in the field for another day. Today, planting soybeans is the place where the seeder cannot enter. Manual operation is really tiring, and I don’t know how hard the farmers were before the seeder came into being. Moreover, with the backward productivity, the output value will naturally be very small. Think about it. In the past, we used to farm near home, and there was very little land. But now it is far away, because every family has a car!

5 yue 23 ri Sunday fine

Today’s temperature has reached 30 degrees. When I got up in the morning, I steamed another pot of steamed buns. Besides preparing the food in the upper area, I also prepared more food for my husband who could not cook pasta to leave tomorrow. The day passed quickly. Compared with the work in the field, time was always not enough. On this day, we continued to plant soybeans in the morning, and began to dig the Pingbei grown up after previous years in the afternoon. This work was the most time-consuming, no, it’s a pity to destroy it and plant the field; Please, use three teeth to dig a little bit, and one person can’t dig a large area in a day. It’s okay for people who have nothing to do and stay at home all day long, but it’s too difficult for people like me who work in other places. No one is willing to do this kind of work, therefore, it is difficult to hire people. My husband home alone hate can’t give birth superhuman powers. It is also for this reason that the normal income in previous years has been affected, resulting in my family’s income decreasing year by year. But even so, I am already very satisfied. Because compared with other villagers, they work harder and earn more money. A few days ago, some people who were about my age went to Sanjiang to transplant rice seedlings, just after I settled here. They got up at three or four o’clock every morning, and went to bed at seven or eight o’clock at night, I can’t stand my waist pain, so I took two pain relief tablets. If they don’t work hard for a day, it means they can’t support their families without money. Although I drive less, I can get a monthly salary without working too hard. Compared with them, this can also make me proud!

5 yue 24 ri Monday Cloudy

It’s time to take the early bus back to work. When I arrived in the car for a while, I quickly wiped the Windows and Windows at home. When the bus arrived, I found that all the children who went to school in Tieli had to catch the bus back to school. My home is over 130 miles away from Tieli, and it takes an hour and a half to get there. After centralized schooling, children here, big or small, will leave their parents and go to Tieli to study from preschool. I can only come back every two weeks. There were too many jobs in the mountain, and the parents were too busy. There were only two adults who came to send their children away. One of them came to ask the teacher who led the team to buy some medicine because the child caught a cold, I would like to give special advice on the situation of my child. These children are between 6 and 7 years old, and everyone is carrying a backpack which is very inconsistent with his age. When the parent talked to the teacher, I saw that sick little girl’s eyes were red, and she wanted to cry but could not bear it, which was really bitter. What a poor child! Leaving parents at such a young age, only you know the weather. Who can care and take care of them so carefully like their parents?

After getting on the bus and sitting down, the teacher who led the team said to me, “I will definitely get carsick later. Please come and hold my granddaughter for me. She slept every time she got on the bus, and I was afraid that she would fall. So I sat near her and picked up her granddaughter. I was afraid that she would fall asleep and kept talking to her. I happened to see green leaves growing out of the car window and on the tree branches which were not yet in bud when I came back. This is really a miracle created by nature! After a while, I found that the little girl sitting in front of me had curled up in the seat and fell asleep. Her head was leaning towards the aisle with the shaking of the car body. I was afraid that she would fall to the ground, so I quickly put down the handrail beside her seat to stop her. And the teacher who led the team had put his head out of the window, and I don’t know how many times he had vomited. The little girl in my arms had been in a state of half asleep and half awake when the car was approaching to Tieli. Maybe it was also carsickness. She suddenly spit out without warning, spitting her own body and soiling my trousers. The flight attendant hurriedly took toilet paper from the bag he carried with him, and I simply cleaned it up. After a while, the bus arrived and we ran to our own destination respectively. I went home to change a pair of trousers first, and then went to the company.

When taking a nap at noon, maybe it was because I was too tired these days. I could sleep in three or forty minutes every day until I woke up naturally. I needed a timely phone call to wake me up from my sweet sleep. Not bad, I finally didn’t be late.

The feeling and feeling of going home are really a long story!

5 yue 29 ri Saturday fine

After working for a week, it was Friday again. I felt like grass growing in my heart. I took another half day off because I went to work at 2:00 in the afternoon, and this is also the departure time of my bus home.

It was 3:30 p.m. when I got home, I simply packed up my luggage, changed into clothes and went to the garden in the backyard to climb the floor. At about 5:30, it is estimated that my husband should also come back from the Earth, so he will stop work and go home to cook.

My husband came back very late, his face was tired, and the shoulder and front of half-sleeve shirt were stained with a lot of dirt. He said: my sister-in-law asked me to eat at her home! I said: she didn’t know that I would come back. It was already done. I told her that she wouldn’t go. So I called my sister-in-law, but she was very sincere and repeatedly asked us to go there together. I couldn’t refuse any more, so I agreed obediently.

It was already over eight o’clock in the evening after dinner, because every family was very busy and everyone was very tired in this season, so we also left early and went home to have a rest.

5 yue 30 ri Sunday rain

After having dinner in the morning, my husband came back from the outside and asked me: what will you do later? I knew he had something to do as soon as I heard it, so I asked him. He said: *** let me help her plant soybeans. When I heard it, I felt a little anxious, thinking: I am so anxious to come back to help you, but you have to help others. But on second thought, her wife went to work, and she couldn’t do without male labor, when I am not at home, don’t I rely on villagers to help me with some things? Thinking of it like this, my heart was relieved. So I said: then I will go to clean up the garden, and some of them have not been turned over, and then plant some beans, cucumbers, corns and so on. You help her to call me after finishing the work. In this way, we started to split up. When I finished all the work, it was already 11 o’clock at noon. When I got home, I just lay straight on the kang and heard my husband calling me outside the door, I hurriedly got up to pack up lunch and drove to the earth again.

Before half of the work was done, the sky was full of thunder and lightning. Soon it began to rain. We hid in the car to take shelter from the rain. It rained heavily, and heavy raindrops hit the ground, causing a burst of white smoke. Then there was a burst of hail, which hit the surrounding ground and made a noise. The shower was very urgent, and soon passed. We were about to get off and continue working. The raindrops became dense again, and we hurried back to the car. The rain was not too heavy this time, but it was not too small. We listened to the noise around the car quietly. After a noisy pheasant called, my husband said, “This is a cock. I looked at my husband and asked in surprise: can you tell from the voice that it is a cock and hen? He pointed out of the window and said: Isn’t that right? I looked along the direction he pointed. At a place about 100 meters away from our car, a pheasant was standing on the ground, pecking at it with his head lowered and looking around with alertness, after a while, he strolled leisurely to the place closer to us step by step. About 50 meters away from us, it was my first time to observe it so closely: the fur on the chest is red, and the fur on the back is a little gray, it was mixed with other colors which were not very obvious. A long tail was dragging behind, which was much more delicate than a chicken. It is more appropriate to say that it is a big bird rather than a chicken. It runs very fast, with a straight line between the head and the tail. It looks similar to dinosaurs. We didn’t disturb it, but watched it gradually disappear from our sight. At this time, a sound of frogs came from the pool nearby, looming, as if trying to find out whether there was danger around. After a while, a clearer cry came, and it sounded as if more than one frog was shouting.

Speaking of frogs, we are used to calling all frogs frogs. For this reason, my husband and I had a fierce debate: My husband said that the frog was green and not big. I said, the frog is the same as the forest frog, but it has the biological characteristic of Color Changing. In summer, in order to adapt to the surrounding environment, it becomes green all over. This debate lasted until one day of this year. I saw an annual forest frog in the field. If according to my point of view, this little guy should have changed color in this season, but it still has a suit of colors, which is no different from what I saw in spring and autumn. A few days later, I saw a little green frog again, and then I began to doubt my thoughts.

It seems that it is not unreasonable to link theory with practice that we usually emphasize. Even if we read more books, we may make many mistakes and make many jokes if we break away from practice.

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