Turn around three years ago, turn around six years ago, turn around 12 years ago. All of them become memories behind us. Memories are so strong that how can I forget them.

I am should thank you for passing by during my growth, which brought me not only memories, but also the traces we passed by together on that road and the joy we accidentally cast together, the dream of exile together….

Twelve years ago, I was still stupid. Running with you on the field road every day, I don’t have so many thoughts. I just want to be happy with you every day. Count the birds flying in the sky and watch the floating clouds in the sky. Childhood is so pleasant. That’s why we don’t know what parting is. Maybe we are too young and not so sad. As time goes by, when I look up at the sky again and count the birds, I will remember that there was such a group of people walking through my childhood with my vitality. Friends from afar, are you all right? You stayed in the deepest place in my heart like this, and you felt painful secretly every time you thought of it. Regret that we were too young at that time. Regret that we didn’t understand parting at that time. Regret that we didn’t say goodbye well. Some people will never see it after saying goodbye.

Six years ago, we were just like children who didn’t grow up, joking heartless all day long. You chased me to beat me during class, and you had already been used to this kind of life. The rebellion in adolescence kept opposing teachers. I have been trained by teachers, talked by parents, and criticized by the director. But the most is really infinite gratitude to my friends. We can be brothers and brothers in groups of four, we can be brothers and brothers with more than ten people, we can fight for a basketball, we can be punished by the director to drag the stairs together. In those years, I seemed to put all my youth there, and from then on there was no passion and joy. Without that environment, the rising passion would no longer exist. Everything now seems to be so different. The friends together in those years were still there, but the joy in those years did not know where the time rushed. You all right? Do you think of young US in a quiet corner like me occasionally. Time teaches us to grow, but also makes us lose something we don’t want to lose but can’t recover on our way to growth. What is left is just the memory that fades year by year. I am afraid that one day my memory will become blurred and finally forget. Sometimes I wonder why we can’t go back after leaving a lot of things. Is it because our original affection was not deep enough? Was it because we were not sincere enough at the beginning? Is this really the case?

People often say that growth is a process of continuous separation. I have to grow up. I am not afraid of growing up. I am just afraid of the memories left by growing up and turning around that once made me happy. Fear from then on, they are just memories, afraid that they will never meet people like them again.

Three years ago, I still remember. We stayed in a small shop eating hot pot, drinking beer and playing games, teasing each other. At that time, we were used to the joy. Who knows that we are so strange even when we meet. No one can explain all this. What’s wrong with us? What’s wrong with us.

Walking and walking, it dispersed, and even the memory faded. He seemed to be my portrayal when I was more and more afraid of reading these words. I can only recall the rest.

Thank you to those who didn’t leave me all the way. Thank you for being with me all the time. Besides memory, I still have you in my life.

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