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Tongling PRO-Tech Co.,Ltd-March 2020 newsletter browse

2021-06-21 10:32

  1. The domestic market recovered, First quarter basically complete the expectation

◇ In the first quarter, the company completed 15% of the annual goal, basically achieving the expected goal.          

◇ Eccentric butterfly valve orders made a breakthrough, reaching a record high in March.            

◇ The urban drinking water market began to supply in large quantities and achieved good results in March.

202004081708410121.JPG  2. Strengthen internal support and actively face the market

◇ In order to carry out efficient production management, a training meeting for improving production management was held on March 10.

◇ On March 27, the first quarter operation and management meeting was held to adjust the objectives of the second quarter, clarify the direction of internal product development, consolidate the foundation of internal management, and accumulate strength for the subsequent development of the enterprise.


 3. Clear foundation of enterprise, Advocating humanistic care

◇ On March 26, the company held the first quarter shareholders' meeting to improve employee welfare from four aspects: basic security, personnel care, team building and incentive policies.

Basic guarantee: all staff pay five insurance and free working meal.

Personnel care: annual physical examination.

Team building: annual tourism and annual training.

Incentive policies: seniority award, full attendance award and quarterly benefit Award.

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