Looking at You silently, do nothing and say nothing.

I am afraid that no matter how light the gesture is, I will fly the wings of separation, carry away your sad tears and Rob away your fragrance.

At this moment, joy is also bitter. Your warm charm makes the darkness lose memory.

Don’t say who else will be there? As persistent as me, I can bring you a ray of sunshine from thousands of miles away, decorate your small house, dye red sunset glow greed, and come to the garden for your future bright moon.

Or touch all your loneliness, let the season in your dream speak, let the spring shine and exercise the power of beauty.

Don’t say anything, listen quietly.

The sound of birds in the wind and rain brings you back the lost notes, the posture of flying and the brilliance of green leaves singing, which enchanted the direction you came.

In front of your tender feelings like water, attachment is still young, and separation will never mature.

You and I don’t want to say, the destination of parting.

Only the warmth of spring can be known, and only the deep feeling of sunshine can be clear.

I like your laughter, just like the peaceful sunshine, painting a layer of warm colors to all the birds.

Let the eyes passing through autumn be young, as clear as water, as the soul of the field, and the impulse to mature in autumn, so as to harvest a full and busy season of the coming day.

Let the sadness covered by fallen leaves leave it to the spring light to read and use the tender green of grass.

Polish the flying of willow leaves, like your quietness, it is a sunset of maple leaves, a kind of natural and unrestrained after burning.

Warm and dark vision, let the passing separation, choose the time of dream by yourself, and Holy your return date.

I like your thoughts, which are open like masts and flowers, and make tears lose the fate that slips quietly at the moment of reunion, and make endless tenderness vivid again.

I like your concern, which adds a bright moon, a long love and an empty spirit to the river in my memory.

Walk into the dark night alone and wait for you. Only alone can you not feel lonely.

Put down all the unhappiness and busyness, bring your generous laughter, bring the warmth of love, and say that the desire for lovesickness can be seen or not, and don’t want to be seen or seen.

Let the cold winter, the persistence of love, the youth of love, let the cool breeze see the elegant demeanour of love and your passion in full bloom. With your waiting in the night.

Care, as deep as night

Miss, as vast as night

True love is not a flower fresh, because flowers can only be bright and beautiful in spring, can only be decorated with a moment of hospitality, and can only be filled with a moment of warmth.

Love is just a trickle of clean water by the Riverside, which makes many people who travel far and wander see the Virgin riverbed clearly in the water and remove the fatigue of lovesickness.

Water has no noble background and reputation, and no heart-warming fragrance.

Water can be seen everywhere, clear and transparent.

Just like your daily sunshine and air, the importance to life is plain but absolutely indispensable.

Water loves the truth of your life, just like privacy, keeping absolute sincerity to you, making spring soft, moistening your beauty, and letting the flower of life be your constant fondness, bright your clear sky and bright your expectations at the same time.

Love is like water, clear and pure.

Water can purify the misfortune in life and dilute the pain in wind and rain.

Water can rise to the blood needed for life, restore the simplicity of love, make the flowing water of true feelings no longer slip away from your side, and make the desolation of cold winter, no longer pick away the ruddy piece of your youth.

Every day, someone is forgotten by me.

Many things are fading out of my memory, and many nameless sorrows are withdrawing from the desolation of winter.

Only I can’t forget you, just like spring, I won’t lose the care of flowers, and darkness can’t lose the attachment of sunshine.

Only then can I know that you leave flatly, not because of forgetting, just as your arrival is not for separation, nor for appreciating the death of beauty and love.

In unfamiliar faces, I often find my familiar smile.

I clearly know that it is not you, but I really hope that you can still find your former gentleness, your breath and your Lost Whispers in the sunshine, in peace close to me.

In My Lonely spare time which warms me, I will become a piece of green with spring coming, and you will be a drop of morning dew on the green leaves.

Cut a piece of sunshine of love casually to illuminate the room where you and I are alone.

Use your sincere dizziness to drive away the loneliness left in the cold winter and let Miss serve as our temporary wedding bed.

Spread a thick layer of gentle, let the wine cup full of mellow fragrance of spring and fragrant fragrance of flowers.

Let the kiss lips of spring open your passion, let the soft fingers of Sunshine awaken your sweetness, toast to the true feelings, drink true love and drink the initial shyness of love.

Let the regret of this life become the light of the future, a period of wind and rain in the future, and let the years be weathered and sad.

Years later, I sat quietly in the sun and talked with the past silently.

Are you okay in other places?

I don’t know, I really don’t know.

I just want to visit the lost love with the most sincere blessing, and touch the edges and corners of love with the most plain language,

Enjoy the peace brought by love and the warmth you still feel.

I believe that you are still pure, persistent and lifelike, just like yesterday.

Your unfaded smile is still touching my heart all the time, making my missing wet till now.

Romance has gone with youth for a long time. Love is still blooming with the fragrance of flowers of first love in the plain and repeated torture, longing for your fortune.

Praise love and make love the master of true feelings.

Praise those love that can not only enjoy warmth, but also enjoy peace and tranquility.

Let the desolation of winter be the same as the warmth of spring, and bless a love that has been caressed by sunshine and cared by flowers.

Let the love in plain days become an important festival in life.

You have used up all your life’s energy, but you have not been able to get out of sorrow.

All your sorrows live in a flying smile, in a shyness, and the beauty of a night turns out to be your painful spring in the future,

You flow out endlessly, every dawn of blood loss.

Let the loneliness of the years be ignited by suffering, and let the dark and bright self-burning. Under the encirclement of death again and again, only your fame, the fate of escaping and being burned again and again.

And your laughter is always a piece of grass, pointing to the charming center of spring in a unique posture.

You use the misfortune of this life to fulfill the beauty and glory of the next life.

You consume endless loneliness with light laughter.

When there is no one, you fold your sadness and let your loneliness fall in love with you. Don’t take up too much space to make room for spring to enter and exit.

In order to make it dark, try to come later and leave earlier.

The length of warmth, the season loses the right to speak, only with the way of folding, love each other.

It is the laughter of leaves, picking off the charm of the first spring for you, making the missing of walking far away simple.

It is the greeting of spring that makes your persistence, move the sunshine, let out warmth and brightness, so that the spring breeze can stop, wait for you patiently and make an appointment together,

To use the fragrance of the mountain to intoxicate your separation and sadness in your heart.

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