Sitting quietly on the balcony, I occasionally heard the joyful birdsong on the Orchid trees in the community. The Golden soft light shone on the extensive earth through layers of barriers, and also shot into my heart, this indicates the beginning of a new day. I closed my eyes for rest, and at the same time, I also felt the comfort brought by prestige. At this moment, I feel that my heart is extremely clear and ethereal, just like all the haze is cleared away. A little bit of moisture seeped into the atrium, and suddenly felt the vitality emitted from the inside out, the spirit was refreshed, and the mood was very comfortable! The country is so charming that it makes people feel happy and surrender!

The brain is running fast, and many warm scenes and beautiful images emerge, which are sweet, sweet, bitter, salty and mixed. Life is like this. The past has become the past. I told myself not to indulge in the memory of the past. No matter it is sweet, evil or painful, don’t let the past affect the future. With the relief, the soul gradually became empty, leaving a stone without any ripples, and many things seemed to become indifferent. Sometimes I had no choice but to protect myself-it was none of my business. I thought I could see through the world of mortals, but I didn’t know I was struggling and wandering in it. I am still me, but after the baptism of time and the precipitation of time, I lost a persistent pursuit of life.

I said I imagined the eagle traveling in the sky, free and free. In fact, the reason why Eagle has its own place in the vast sky is that it has experienced a narrow escape to cultivate his life skills, thus owning everything it wants to have. This is related to its contribution! I said I imagined the flowers, plants and trees in the nature to be quiet and peaceful without asking about the world. In fact, plants also need to experience wind and rain, cold and hot heat to see the rainbow after rain. I said I imagined the fish in the blue ocean, carefree and without care. In fact, the fish in the biota are also bound by the survival rules of the fittest who eat small fish and small fish eat shrimp in nature, and the rule of survival of the fittest ends. There is no absolute fairness, only relative, no absolute beauty, only knowing each other, no absolute love, only mutual. When thinking about it, I feel that my mind seems to be reborn after a reincarnation.

Everything only lies in the transformation of thoughts!

Everything is just your attitude towards people!

Everything has a definite number!

Many people say that fate is in their own hands, and some say that the future is in their own hands, but my little hands can’t hold fate or the future. When it comes to this, some people may want to say: then make yourself stronger. Only in this way can you be qualified to seize. Therefore, people strive hard for all their life for all kinds of qualifications. Some people have succeeded, some have failed, and some have spent their whole lives and stood still.

And my life is so plain as the Dead Sea. I used to think that as long as I keep moving forward like a galloping stream, I will meet rivers and mountains, finally it merged into the Atlantic Ocean-the endless sea. However, I lost my way halfway and couldn’t find myself.

(Ii) deep dissection and analysis of the soul, removing layers of camouflage, making a bloody heart appear in the eyes of the world, stimulating people’s eyeballs. Painters will think this is a perfect work of art, literati and poets will think this is a freehand brushwork of life, and people will think and sigh what kind of life they have experienced, only with such a shocking heart, thousands of holes. In fact, it is not terrible at all, but the process of forming a wound like a needle eye is the most frightening. Just like when you find that zhen zi does not climb out of the TV screen in front of you, but suddenly and quietly appears around you, which really makes people feel scared!

Face life with a converted heart and attitude, and you will find unexpected gains!

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