Feel the low-key style in the melodious magnificence

The momentary touch lies in the thought of the ringing of the year Bell.

The arrival of the new year has surprised many people!

There are too many newcomers, in this time when relatives and friends gather together to celebrate, it is a kind of touching under the sound of firecrackers ~ ~ ~

Looking at the gorgeous new car, smelling the gorgeous rose, hearing the gorgeous movement ~~~ enjoy the scenery outside the window, just like a gust of wind blowing through ~ it is beautiful! Is drunk! It is a gorgeous and low-key style!

Participate in the reunion of classmates, the banquet of newcomers, and the joy of birthday!

Think of childhood ~ think of school days ~ think of the future ~

There are too many regrets ~

Just because we are growing up in the years ~ ~ ~

Running on the path of my hometown

Another fall in a familiar place

Looking at the simple and leisurely falling snowflakes outside the window in my own cabin

Looking for the beautiful intersection of life and friendship among a group of friends who have been together since childhood

Look carefully for the water and soil when I was young by the clear Riverside

See through the joys and sorrows of every year beside a string of bead curtains

It is a sublimation of artistic conception

Just because we feel too much in our years ~ ~ ~

Willing to wave to a cloud and say that you are so beautiful

Willing to and a leaf nodded chic beauty

I am willing to smile with a spoonful of stream and say it is beautiful

I am willing to sigh with a clock that the countdown is beautiful

I am willing to be beautiful with a calm heartbeat

Just because we learn to cherish and move in our years ~ ~

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